NBC Cancels ‘The Endgame’, ‘Kenan’, and ‘Mr. Mayor’

NBC has opted not to renew drama series The Endgame and comedy series Kenan and Mr. Mayor.

The Endgame followed a woman wanted by the government for her many crimes. Once apprehended, she unleashed a carefully constructed plan to take down those who have wronged her. Along the way, an agent tries to get ahead of her plans before things get too out of hand. It aired one season.

Kenan aired two seasons on NBC and followed a host of a morning news program as he juggles work and family life following the passing of his wife.

Mr. Mayor followed the Mayor and his employees as they attempt to run the city of Los Angeles. The series is currently airing its second season.

The network also passed on its comedy series pilot Hungry from Demi Lovato after ordering multicamera comedy series Lopez vs. Lopez to series.

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