Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro colors: all the official hues

During Google I/O, the Mountain View tech giant gave us a glimpse of the upcoming Pixel 7 series, without revealing much about the two phones. Yes, this doesn’t really count as an official announcement and it’s more like a teaser, but the tech giant did reveal the colors the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro will be available in. Here, we’ll talk a bit about them.

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What colors will the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro come in?

Although the two phones are not officially announced yet, Google did tease them during the Google I/O keynote, and it then revealed the colors the two phones will come in a tweet. So, the Pixel 7 will be available in Obsidian, Snow, and Lemongrass, while the Pixel 7 Pro will be available in Obsidian, Snow, and Hazel. Obsidian is a black shade, Snow is understandably white, and the two other colors will look to be the signature colors this time.

Pixel 7 colors

Google has decided to refresh the flagship Pixel look while still maintaining the unique camera bar (however, this time it sports an aluminum finish). The Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro share the Obsidian and Snow colors, but the difference here is that the Pixel 7 has Lemongrass as a color option as well, a fresh and youthful-looking color. Here are the Pixel 7 colors:

  • Obsidian
  • Snow
  • Lemongrass

Pixel 7 in Obsidian

The Pixel 7 in Obsidian is an almost all-black look; but not only. It is said the phone will feature a soft-touch finish on the back, so we expect this color to not attract as many fingerprints as it would if it was glossy (like the glass on the Pixel 6). It is a deep and dark color, and the aluminum camera bar is matching the look with a darker grey shade.

From what we can see based on the image above (the black Pixel 7 is the one in Obsidian color, the very top in the image above), the frame of the phone is also tinted in a dark grey color matching the overall polished and sophisticated look.

The Pixel 7 in Obsidian is not actually produced by rapidly cooling lava, unlike the stone the color is inspired by, but it does manage to match the deep and mysterious look of the Obsidian stone.

Pixel 7 in Snow

White, bright, soft to the touch – that’s how the Pixel 7 in Snow looks, and probably would feel. The name of the color leaves nothing to the imagination while at the same time inspiring associations with the peaceful, yet-undisturbed snow in an early winter morning. All visualizations aside, the Pixel 7 in Snow looks premium indeed. We’ll see how the white will actually look in real life, but for now, we assume it will be a clear and straightforward white shade. Complemented by a frame and camera bar tinted in silver color, the Pixel 7 in Snow looks clean and premium. We can’t wait to see this phone in real life.

Pixel 7 in Lemongrass

Lemongrass for the Pixel 7 is the color option you can go for if you’re looking for a refreshing and fun phone. On the images Google released, the color looks indeed quite lemony, and it is shaping to be the most fun color option of the bunch.

The camera bar and frame of the Pixel 7 are also tinted in a matching shade.

Pixel 7 Pro colors

The Pixel 7 Pro’s look is a bit different than its smaller sibling and noticeably, the camera bar is sporting an additional lens. There’s one other difference: Google mentioned during the I/O keynote that the Pixel 7 Pro will rock a polished aluminum camera bar, so it will look even fancier in comparison to the regular Pixel 7. Two of the colors are identical between the two models as well. However, the signature color here is the Hazel.

Pixel 7 Pro colors:

  • Obsidian
  • Snow
  • Hazel

Pixel 7 Pro in Obsidian

The Obsidian color makes its appearance for the Pixel 7 Pro as well, delivering the same deep black look as it does for the vanilla Pixel 7. The camera bar and frame of the phone are again tinted in a dark grey color. Yes, this is a Pro-looking color for a Pro phone, indeed. And here, the polished aluminum camera bar is adding a touch of premium-ness to the look.

Pixel 7 Pro in Snow

The Pixel 7 Pro in Snow rocks the same bright and clear white color look as the Pixel 7, with the addition of the polished look the camera bar is sporting. The camera bar and the frame of the phone appear again in a silver color to complement the snowy associations coming to your mind when we say Pixel 7 Pro in Snow (come on, let your imagination run free for a sec here… and no, I don’t mean imagine your phone in the snow, be artistic about it!)

Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel

The Hazel color for the Pixel 7 Pro might be the most popular, but even if it ends up not being, the color is quite different than all the colors listed here and definitely shows some character. The camera bar and frame of the Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel appear to be tinted in a copper-like color, complementing the back of the phone fashionably and interestingly.

The Hazel color is beautiful and different, and we’ve not seen it on a phone a lot. Judging by the images, Google has successfully pulled out this look.

Conclusion: Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro look classy, exciting, and different

Although the two flagship phones by Google are yet to be officially announced (this should happen sometime in the fall, as usual), the teaser Google showed us does get us hyped. The colors and the improvements in the camera bar design look stunning, and we can’t wait to see how these phones look in real life. And on top of everything, Google is actually trying to make the Pixels stand out even in terms of pure looks. Well, the design is unique and interesting, and we all know the smartphone market needs some new looks to freshen things up.

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