Pregnant Britney Spears beams with happiness in a nude photoshoot with her puppy

Pregnant Britney Spears beams with happiness in a nude photoshoot with her puppy.

After the long-awaited release from the guardianship of her father, Britney Spears received freedom not only in moral terms but also in the disposal of her body. Now the 40-year-old star is living her best life because her lover Sam Asghari proposed to her, and she is expecting a child from him. Recently, the star shared with fans photos where she has no clothes except for a fluffy company in the form of a puppy named Sawyer. With these shots, the pop singer decided to commemorate her brief absence from social networks. 

And although she was completely naked, many drew attention to Spears’s radiant and happy face. She covered the most piquant place with a blue diamond emoticon, but the audience was able to appreciate her slender figure. Finally, the star gave a big hug to the cream-colored, red-spotted fluffy, who apparently became part of the family during a romantic vacation in Hawaii. 

Sawyer is a white Australian Shepherd, and after their first meeting in February, Britney immediately realized that this was a gift from God. Spears notes that the word  “dog”  in English can be read backward as God. She believes that these fluffy babies help us to be better, and the singer feels great next to him. “He pushes my heart melt…he must tell me, and I adore it!” – admitted the singer.


However, many fans rather envied the dog, dreaming of being in the arms of the singer in her place. The newfound freedom signals a new era for the 40-year-old pop star. November, thanks to the global #FreeBritney movement on social media, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny overturned the disputed custody, making her a free woman. This was the first time Britney had the right to take control of her own life since she was 20 years old! And she’s making up for lost time with her new puppy, her engagement to Sam Asgari, and the news of her pregnancy. 

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