Ronda Rousey lifts shirt to show off amazing abs

Ronda Rousey showed off her rock-hard abs just seven months after giving birth and days after winning Wrestlemania Backlash against Charlotte Flair. Pic credit: ©

Smackdown champion Ronda Rousey took to Instagram to show off some of her war paint and braids from Wrestlemania Backlash this past weekend. Her win against Charlotte Flair came just as Ronda was celebrating her first Mother’s Day, seven months post-childbirth. 

After talking a lot of smack, Ronda proved herself right by taking away Charlotte’s title at Wrestlemania Backlash and her astonishing performance is backed by her astonishing figure. 

Fans were able to see plenty of action on Sunday, but Ronda took to Instagram after the match to share some of her photos, including a closer photo of the new mom’s rock-hard abs. Although recovering from childbirth can be a difficult task, Ronda makes it look easy. 

Ronda Rousey stuns with shredded abs

Ronda shared three photos earlier this week, showing a closeup of her “war paint,” the intricate braids in her hair, and another shot showing the 35-year-old pro listing her shirt and showing abs of steel.

In the last photo, her hair was down long and parted in the middle as she donned a makeup-free face. Her simple sweat pants and plain black shirt seemed to make her abs look even stronger as the wrestler’s toned and defined muscles were on full display.

Clearly, even childbirth was no match for Ronda Rousey’s determination and strength.

Ronda Rousey talks diet philosophy

Talking to UFC, Ronda explained that her diet is a cross between The Paleo diet and The Warrior diet, but mostly she eats one meal a day sometime in the evening.

She revealed that she doesn’t take supplements that are “made in a lab,” but “if it was on earth 10,000 years ago then I will eat it.” 

The exception? She has a coffee every morning. The coffee is her one treat, otherwise, she tries to only drink high-quality water that’s been alkalized and free of plastic chemicals. 

Her philosophy comes from Chad Waterbury, who she said “handles” her nutrition. The philosophy is that you’re more tired when you’re digesting food and have more energy when your body is hungry and wants to find food. The belief is she gets more out of training on an empty stomach this way. 

She said she alternates carb days and as far as calories go, she said she eats until she’s full and doesn’t count calories at all. 

Having to watch her weight and being asked her weight constantly through school due to sports was something that was challenging for Ronda to deal with and resulted in body issues, but the pro seems to be doing better now and has more confidence in herself now that she isn’t constantly being monitored.

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