Victoria Beckham shared a life hack that instantly makes her eyes look more open

Victoria Beckham shared a life hack that instantly makes her eyes look more open.

48-year-old Victoria Beckham is one of the few celebrities who generously shares her beauty secrets. She periodically uploads   videos from the gym, as well as makeup tutorials. In the last video, she shows herself how to make the look more rested, open, and bright in a couple of seconds, neutralizing the redness   of the eyes.

To do this, Victoria uses a milky-colored highlighting eyeliner ,  which she applies to the mucous membrane along the lower lash line. Then, and only after that, she moves on to mascara and shadows to create her signature smokey eye makeup. Beckham admitted that she absolutely always uses this beauty technique, regardless of whether she is going to a social event or for lunch or dinner with friends. 

Victoria has repeatedly openly confessed her love for facial massage, which is done to her by beautician Sarah Chapman. By the way, it was she who helped the young Beckham get rid of acne and bring her sensitive and problematic skin back to normal. Therefore, it is not unexpected that the star regularly goes to facial massage, which tightens the oval and   removes puffiness.

She is smitten with keeping her skin hydrated. This becomes especially obvious when you look into her travel makeup bag – it is filled with various mists, sprays, serums, and other moisturizing products. To keep her skin soft, supple, and velvety, rather than dry and tight, Victoria uses natural body butter, which she applies to still-damp skin right after a shower. 


Forgetting to sign up for a manicure or not treating the cuticles – this cannot happen to Victoria. So instead, she always walks with well-groomed hands and nails. 

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