Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17 Review: Family Matters

Veer Bhullar is cold-blooded!

And it’s not like we didn’t know that, but the events of Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17 were shocking! He wasn’t even the slightest bit concerned about his son’s life, and his callousness is sure to have consequences moving forward.

With Ren and Jag now firmly on the same team, Veer may come to regret his actions.

Things between the Bhullar family have just been begging to come to a head for a while now. And there was never going to be a good time to tell someone like Veer Bhullar that it was time for him to relinquish any kind of control, though Ren and Jag could have come up with a slightly better approach.

Jag just casually drops it on Veer while they’re on their way home, and Veer responds exactly how you expect him to. He keeps a cool head, but he’s menacing and biting toward his son, doing his best to refute his claims and break him down as only he can.

The more time we spend with the Bhullars, the more you can see how much of the Ren and Jag divide was partly Veer’s fault. He’s a master at planting tiny seeds about each of them and causing them to see the other as competition. It’s honestly a miracle they’ve come together at all with a lifetime of Veer constantly pitting them against each other.

Richard Ford’s hunt to hurt Veer was rooted in grief and pain over Mason, and once he finally got his hands on Veer, I thought for sure he was going to kill him. Richard may not be a killer, but he was a desperate man with nothing left to lose.

Jag: This isn’t you.
Richard: You don’t know anything.
Jag: I know that you’re not a killer, right?
Richard: Not before. But you turned me into one.

Veer had nerves of steel to get up off his knees and walk away from a man with a gun. Calling someone’s bluff is one thing, but he was literally leaving his son’s life in the hands of a man who was so far gone there’s no telling what he would do.

Jag Looks On - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17

While I thought Richard was willing to shoot Veer, I didn’t think he would actually shoot Jag, though, in his mind, he probably thought Veer was all talk, and seeing his son hurt would break Veer more than enduring the pain himself.

But this isn’t any father we’re talking about here.

Veer’s complete lack of empathy in that scene was wild. How you can be so stoic and walk away from your dying son is next-level evil. And you’re doing it all to save yourself when a major reason Mason is dead is because of you.

We don’t get to see what Jag tells Ren when they talk in the hospital later, but hopefully, the two of them formulated a plan to rid themselves of Veer once and for all because this situation proves that when push comes to shove, Veer is only looking out for himself.

Sure, Alicia sort of talks him into stepping down from his perch atop the business, but Ren would be foolish to take him at face value now. His apologies are empty and meaningless when you stack them against all the awful things he’s done to his children.

All Tied Up - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17

Part of me wonders if Ren will work with Travis and hand her father over to him. It would be a fitting ending, but even with all his terribleness, would Ren and Jag have it in them to knowingly let their father die?

Ren is far too intelligent to make an emotional move that won’t benefit her in some way, so expect her to make a play that will, in the long run, set her up to succeed in one way or another.

I know you’re a cop, Stone. Uh, such a stupid, macho name. I hate that I thought it was hot.


And circling back to Travis, what a shocking moment it was to learn that Ren knew exactly who he was. Not that he was doing a bang-up job keeping his identity under wraps, but Ren just delivered the news so calmly like he wasn’t capable of crippling her whole organization with the snap of his fingers.

Though, she also has to figure that he could have done that by now if it’s what he was ultimately after. Plus, it’s not like he hasn’t broken many a law over the past few weeks.

One would think that having his cover blown to smithereens would have Travis scrambling to do SOMETHING to save himself, but his little goodbye sounded more like he was preparing to sacrifice himself more than anything else. His Veer vendetta has consumed him to the point it’s the only thing he cares about.

Ren & Travis Tied Up - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17

I need Jenny to stand up because Travis is not worth her tears anymore.

Travis has repeatedly shown that his priority isn’t Jenny, nor is it even himself. And while she may love him and want to protect him, there is only so much you can do for a person who doesn’t care about themselves.

The name of the game this season has been revenge, and while Travis is steadfastly looking for it, Cassie got her “revenge” on Ronald when she killed him. But killing him would never bring back everything he took from her, and it was nice to see her open up about her grief in a safe environment.

Cassie has just been put through the wringer over and over again, and while she’s a fighter who will always get back up, it’s also important for her to understand that it’s okay to not be okay.

It’s okay to be sad and hurt and feel those emotions every day and still put each foot in front of the other. The grief group is a step in her healing process, and it was nice to see Cassie opening up like that because we so rarely get to see that side of her outside of some short conversations with Cassie.

Calling For Help - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17

Of course, things will go to hell again soon enough with Scarlet in town.

When I rallied for the show to finally part ways with Ronald, I should have included Scarlet in that plea because she has surely overstayed her welcome.

With the creepy syndicate man hot on her trail, Scarlet made the right decision to try to swap information, but she went about it in the wrong way. If you want help from someone, don’t start by making demands.

At this point, it’s a matter of who gets to who first in the finale. Will Scarlet get to Cassie before the syndicate gets to her?

Checking For Pulse - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17

If Big Sky has taught us anything, it’s never to bet against Cassie Dewell.

Odds and Ends

  • How did Scarlet get Cassie’s personal cell phone number?
  • Considering we never saw Mark or Jerrie during this hour, but we did see Scarlet, I guess we’ll have to assume they are off driving around aimlessly, still trying to find her.

A Briefing - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17

  • A new sheriff coming into town smells like trouble.

Pat yourself on the back if you made it through Big Sky Season 2 because we really went through it! As we head into the finale, there are A LOT of plot points still dangling around that need resolution.

So, drop me a line in the comments below and let me know what you expect from the final hour!

As always, you can watch Big Sky online anytime via TV Fanatic, so you’re all caught up!

Tubb Recovers - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 17

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