Elf Dobby’s grave on the coast of Wales caused outrage among locals

Elf Dobby’s grave on the coast of Wales caused outrage among locals. Harry Potter fans created a memorial in honor of Dobby on the coast and outraged the locals.

The sock-lined tomb of the Harry Potter elf Dobby, which fans of the franchise set up on the coast in Wales, caused outrage among the locals. It is reported by BBC News on Saturday, May 7.

Fans of the series of books and films about the wizard Harry Potter organized a memorial in honor of Dobby, who, according to the plot, died at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. In “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. in Part 1,” the elf dies on the coast, where Harry Potter then digs a grave for him. Fans of the film found the filming location and created their own memorial in honor of the character there, hanging him with socks (a favorite item of clothing and a symbol of freedom for Dobby).


Local residents were outraged that numerous Harry Potter fans who visited the grave left a lot of garbage on it. One of the film fans approached the National Trust for Historic Interest or Natural Beauty with a request to secure the status of a monument for the grave. It is noted that the organization will conduct a survey on whether to leave the grave of an elf on the coast.

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