Playing games and watching ads will lower your phone bill at Boost Mobile

While many companies continue to pump astonishing amounts of money into things like “metaverse,” NFT, and blockchain technology hoping to make even more money, others are taking a more direct approach on what has become the standard in the last few years: the digital aspect of our lives.

Boost Mobile is one of the companies that is trying to introduce a new way for its customers to pay for their bills. It’s something that other companies have tried in the past, so it’s certainly not something innovative or unique, but it’s an option that will allow users to save money while doing something entertaining.

According to CNET, Boost Mobile has just introduced a new option for its customers to lower their bills. Basically, Boost Mobile customers will be able to pay their entire phone bills (or partly) by watching ads and playing games.

The new option is available via the carrier’s new BoostOne app where they will be able to play very basic games or watch ads, and get coins with which they will be able to reduce their phone bills. Apparently, Boost Mobile was inspired by the ads for in-game rewards on popular games like Fortnite and Candy Crush for this payment model.

Obviously, earning enough coins to pay your entire phone bill will take time. For example, one of carrier’s Boost Coin is the equivalent of one cent, and by watching a several-second ad you earn two Boost Coins. Another way to earn Boost Coins is at the “spin to win” wheel, which rewards players with as low as five cents or as much as $5.

Interesting enough, Boost Mobile plans to expand its “watch-and-earn” payment model to phones, which means that you’ll soon be able to purchase the carrier’s handsets using Boost Coins. It’s an interesting concept that offers customers an alternative to the traditional currency. However, considering time is the most valuable commodity these days, many will probably give up on trying to lower their phone bills if it takes too much of their lives.

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