Google tests Play Store UI change that replaces some app icon carousels with lists

Saving time is what Google has made Android’s best features all about. Whether it is having the Assistant monitor our time on hold so we can do some work while waiting for a call to resume, or having the Assistant schedule appointments for us, Android helps us get more things done. And now Google is working on a feature for the Play Store that it believes will allow users to see more info about a particular app without having to open its listing. Currently, on the Google Play Store, you can view three apps on a carousel before you need to flex your scrolling muscles.

For example, open the Play Store app and you’ll see a heading that says, “Based on your recent activity.” This is a carousel that shows three apps that you can choose from. If none of the three meet your needs, you can scroll to the left one additional app at a time. But Google is testing a new design that uses lists instead of visual carousels. The list, like the carousel, still scrolls to the left. A smaller icon for each app is seen on the left of the list.

It would seem that Google isn’t totally giving up on the carousel since the revamped Play Store shows the new list UI mixed in with the older carousel look. 9to5Google points out that the new UI design has not been widely disseminated yet. Frankly, we can’t say for sure that using the list will result in quicker app discovery, especially with the icon of each app shaved down in size a little.
Google is always looking to make small changes like this in order to shake things up. That’s why you always see us writing about Google tests. Before Google decides whether to keep this look, it is going to want to hear from you. So what say you? Would you prefer that Google keep the three app carousel or add the list as seen in the image that accompanies this story?

Drop us your comment along with the reasoning behind your answer in the comment box below.

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