BOTW’s Most Anime Combat Of 2022 Explained

Techniques such as Trickshotting, Absolute Thunderclap Rushes, Slow Daruk Marking, Guardian Disabling, and Jelly Bouncing are just a few of the tricks used behind the scenes in this mind blowing clip. Even 5 years later, players in Breath of the Wild continue to create amazing ideas.

At this point you’re probably wondering, How did they pull this off? And what the heck actually happened?. You’d be surprised at just how much preparation, creativity, trial and error, and thought went into this simple 20 second Breath of the Wild clip that you would’ve never known without actually understanding what’s happening behind the scenes, so today I’m going to break down exactly what happened step by step, because this brilliance requires a lot more explaining than you might think, and maybe you’ll appreciate it all a lot more when you see all the pieces. If you enjoy this type of content, let us know with a like.

User Breneko shared this clip on twitter on May 5th, 2022, and dropped many jaws. There’s a total of 7 major glitches used here, all with different properties that combine to make this work perfectly. So let’s jump right in and first explain what is happening on Link’s side. How is he getting airborne like this? This is a fairly recent find called Jelly Bouncing, a technique that uses a normal chuchu jellies splash to push link airborne if he breaks the jelly perfectly beneath his feet, enough to get you bullet time. You can trigger this by dash attacking a chuchu jelly, or more consistently by performing a charging spin attack and moving into the jelly at the same time to launch you upwards for bullet time attacks. The interesting thing is in this case, since you’re holding down to move backwards during the spin attack and being knocked airborne for bullet time, Link automatically backflips, without even touching the jump button.

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