Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Will Defeat the Devil?

Johnny rushed to save his sister from the Devil. EJ made amends with Chad, and Sarah’s memories returned with one gaping exception.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Silvananoir and Kathy from My Hourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to decide why Lani hasn’t corrected Paulina’s lie, who should be the one to defeat the Devil, Sarah’s memory twist, and much more!

Were you surprised that Marlena and Susan didn’t go with Johnny to help save Allie and the baby? Who do you hope finally defeats the Devil and saves the day in Salem?

Silvananoir: I can’t believe this stupid storyline is still going on. But yes, I’m surprised that Marlena, at the very least, didn’t go. It started with her, it always starts with her, and it should end with her.

So ultimately, I hope that Marlena and John put an end to it. But we all know it’s going to be Ben and Ciara.

Jack: I can understand why Marlena didn’t. She is still terrified from her last confrontation with the Devil and was urging Johnny to stay away for that reason. I’m surprised Susan didn’t want to run down there, though.

Trying To Reach Out - Days of Our Lives

I really don’t care who defeats the Devil. Just get rid of it. However, since Eric is still a priest and has been MIA since his return, it would make the most sense if he were involved in the big finale.

Kathy: I was very surprised that Susan and Marlena didn’t join forces with Johnny to fight the Devil. I hope Johnny comes to and works with Ben and Ciara to defeat the Devil.

Christine: Yes. This seems like it should be all hands on deck for the Brady clan. Marlena, John, Roman, Susan, Eric, EJ…everyone related to Johnny and Allie, and then, of course, Ben and Ciara since the Devil has their baby.

Personally, I think that defeating the Devil should be a group effort, fueled by this family’s love for one another.

Chad is Guilt-Ridden / Tall - Days of Our Lives

EJ hoped to make amends with Chad and team up to oust Gabi from Dimera Enterprises. Should Chad tell his brother the truth about Lucas kidnapping Sami?

Silvananoir: Chad should absolutely tell the truth. It’s going to blow up in his face when it does come out. He and EJ are finally reconciling, but this will once again make them enemies if he doesn’t just tell him.

Maybe EJ and Sami will get back together. Maybe they don’t. But he has to tell and soon.

Jack: This is a tough one. On the one hand, Chad knows full well that you can’t build a relationship based on lies, and when the truth comes out (as it always does sooner or later), EJ will turn his wrath on both Chad and Lucas if Chad doesn’t tell him.

On the other hand, EJ will go after Lucas in a big way if he learns the truth. And he doesn’t need to be sidetracked right now while he’s trying to deal with the Gabi situation.

EJ's New Cellmate / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Kathy: If Chad tells the truth about Lucas, he will expose all his own shady dealings. I don’t think Chad is strong enough to face the music. Plus, Kate will argue against telling EJ to protect her son.

Christine: I feel for Chad. He’s always had a very close relationship with Kate, and outing Lucas will be betraying her.

Second, he’s got to hope that EJ forgives him for keeping it a secret this long, not to mention Chad setting up Belle to take the fall. That’s a lot to forgive, and EJ is not known for his forgiving nature.

So as much as I think telling the truth is the right thing to do, I also understand why Chad is reluctant to do so.

A Surprising Turn / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Sarah’s memory is restored, but she believes her baby is still alive. React!

Silvananoir: This is going to be bad. I did enjoy Sarah and Xander, but I was surprised by how fond of Gwen and Xander I became. The two were such schemers and got each other.

But in this case, when Sarah finds out the truth again, she will once again reject Xander. It’s the Ciara/Claire scenario all over again when she had amnesia. I do not want to have to go through this storyline again.

Jack: I knew this wouldn’t be as smooth sailing as it seemed. I don’t want to relive Sarah’s anger at Xander for switching the babies, so let’s hope this is short-lived.

Kathy: I am sorry that Sarah has to learn that her baby is dead a second time. The fallout will be devastating for Sarah and Xander.

Christine: Well, I knew everyone was just too happy for it to last. I’m all for drama but watching Sarah suffer the loss of her child the first time was excruciating. I don’t want to go through that again.

Plus, we’ve waited so long to see Xander and Sarah happy together. Do we have to postpone it even longer?

A Confrontation Turns Deadly - Days of Our Lives

Why did Lani allow Paulina to take the fall for her for shooting TR? Should Lani come forward with the truth now?

Silvananoir: I think Lani had a lapse of judgment and just let it happen. It kind of reminds me of when Hope shot Stefano. But now that time has passed, and Lani is getting some time to think about it, I think she’ll come forward. She won’t allow Paulina to take the fall for her.

Jack: I think Lani is still in shock. When Paulina took the fall for her, she was in no position to argue. She needs to straighten this out as soon as possible now. The longer it goes on, the harder it’s going to be to undo, and Paulina is already in jail for something she didn’t do.

Kathy: I’m not sure why Lani let Paulina take the fall. Maybe she thinks Paulina will be treated with more compassion as opposed to a cop killing an unarmed man. She may be thinking that she will be sent away from her children. Lani should come clean before too much more time passes.

Christine: Ugh. Lani was in shock, but she needs to step up and tell the truth. I know Paulina was trying to help, but it was a dumb lie. Salem PD should know it’s Lani’s gun, and how does Paulina explain getting ahold of it.

Plus, all Lani and Paulina had to say was that Paulina’s life was in danger. TR had already bashed Abe’s head in, and he was about to hit Paulina. It’s not a stretch to believe that Lani felt she had to shoot TR before he physically attacked her mother. 

A Life-Changing Offer / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Should Sonny be the new CEO of Titan?

Silvananoir: There is no real other choice. Philip is still on the lam, Xander is on the outs right now with Victor, and Brady doesn’t want it. Victor, much like the Dimera’s, keeps it in the family. Sonny is his only option. And from what I recall, he wasn’t a bad CEO.

Jack: I’d rather one of Sonny’s brothers, whom we’ve never seen before, comes to town to take the reins. That would be someone new! I don’t like these musical CEOs, and Sonny already tried and failed at the CEO job once.

Kathy: I guess Uncle Vic has run out of options. Sonny never seems to stick with any job long-term. Isn’t there a senior VP Victor could move into the top spot?

Christine: Sonny isn’t cut out to be CEO. He’s way too whiny. Victor seemed happy with Xander’s performance until Philip returned, and he made them share.

But if not Xander, then I agree with what Jack says above. It should be someone new, like one of Sonny’s never before seen brothers.

Leo Vows Revenge - Days of Our Lives

Which storyline didn’t we see this week that you wish we had?

Silvananoir: The Devil, I am so sick of this story, and I tend to fast forward through it.

Jack: I was pretty happy with the stories this week, though I’d liked more of Leo. His jumping to Gwen’s defense was interesting, and I wanted to know what he was going to do next (besides taunting Sonny in the Square, which is a given).

Chloe is Dismayed - Days of Our Lives

I’d also have liked more of Nancy and Clyde’s burgeoning relationship.

Kathy: I was happy to see Sarah restored to her right mind, so nothing was missing for me.

Christine: I hoped to get more of the drama between Belle, Shawn, and Jane. But I guess that’s meant to push Belle close to EJ, and EJ has had his hands full lately with Johnny.

A Horrifying Ritual / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Was there anything else that disappointed you this week in Salem.

Silvananoir: That we are still on the Devil. I can’t stress enough how much I hate this story. It should have been a fun, campy week, maybe a month. Have a bit of a laugh and done. It should not be May, and we are still dealing with this.

Jack: That the Devil story still isn’t over. We’re so close, but there’s still more to come. Ugh.

Kathy: I was disappointed by Jack’s tearful talk with Gwen. He could have provided a lawyer without calling her his daughter. Gwen should have to prove herself before he accepts her as his offspring.

Christine: What was the point of Craig becoming Chief of Staff if they were only going to write him out and give it back to Kayla. This was a complete waste of a storyline that had a lot of potential for both workplace and personal drama.

A Tough Decision - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Silvananoir: I really enjoyed Ej and Chad. I like when my Dimera’s are a united front and not stabbing each other in the back.

Jack: There was a lot to like this week! I especially enjoyed Victor’s support of Maggie with the Sarah situation as we saw in this Days of Our Lives quote…

Victor: Sarah’s a strong girl. She will get through this.
Maggie: I hope to God you’re right.
Victor: Well, God and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye but in this case, I think we’re on the same side.

And Ava made me laugh with her description of the cops as “Rafe Hernandez and his merry band of idiots.”

I also liked Steve and Kayla supporting Tripp.

Kathy: I was glad to see Maggie drop the charges against Anna. The tribute to Renee (and Philece) was a nice touch.

Christine: There was lots to love this week. The Devil drama was fun, especially since we can assume it’s about to be wrapped up. I liked that Ciara didn’t back down when Evan came into her hospital room.

And I have to laugh because Salem University Hospital seems to have the hardest metal trays I’ve ever seen!

Ciara and Ben are Heartsick - Days of Our Lives

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