Jason Momoa shirtless as he apologizes for Sistine Chapel pictures

Jason Momoa shirtless. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Admedia

Jason Momoa shared a shirtless and intimate video as he pumped iron and apologized for his actions. Jason visited the spectacular Sistine Chapel and took pictures inside, which received backlash. People are not allowed to video or take pictures in the Sistine Chapel, and one of the reasons is to preserve the priceless art.

Jason took a series of photos in the historical location and received backlash for his actions.

The Aquaman actor had been in Rome, where he shot Fast X, the tenth installment in the Fast & Furious Franchise. His shirtless apology featured him in a gym discussing his good intentions.

Jason Momoa pumps iron in a shirtless Sistine Chapel apology

Jason Momoa shared a nearly three-minute video where he described an injury he sustained and explained how he had to rest. The actor was happy to get back into the gym after six weeks of rest.

“Italy, it’s my last day,” Jason said as he shared he was in Tuscany and happy to be working for Universal.

Jason said, “If you ever thought that I disrespected your culture, that wasn’t my intention.” He said he came to experience the Sistine Chapel and The Vatican and believed that he got permission to take the photo. 

Jason Momoa instagram
Pic credit: @prideofgypsies/Instagram

He said, “I definitely paid to have that private moment and gave a nice donation to the church.”

Jason wrote in the caption, “the cage is off i’m free to roam 6weeks since surgery WE WRAPPED ITALY. just want to send my absolute admiration for the Italians and this beautiful country. want to send apologize for any disrespect i love your culture and history. ITALY I F*****G LOVE YOU ALL MY ALOHA J. @justjared.”

Finally, Jason offered apologies again and said if he offended people, he was sorry.

Jason Momoa posts pictures in the Sistine Chapel

While in Italy filming, Jason Momoa posted pictures inside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. 

The pictures are still on his Instagram and feature him with family members, enjoying the masterful art of Michelangelo. 

He wrote in the caption, “I LOVE YOU ITALY what a beautiful start to our day off enjoying ROMA big mahalos.”

One surprised fan mused, “They allowed you to take pictures of the Sistine Chapel??? Wow ! Enjoy Italy.”

Jason Momoa instagram comments
Pic credit: @prideofgypsies

Another disappointed fan wrote, “We, regular people, are not allowed to film inside the Sistine chapel.”

One commenter pointed out the unfairness of the picture, “We can’t take pics but ofc celebrities can 😔 nothing against Jason ( I adore him) but it’s not fair.”

Jason said he thought he received permission but was sorry if he offended anyone.

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