Kanye West shows love for girlfriend Chaney Jones after she removes Instagram posts

Rapper Kanye West and girlfriend Chaney Jones. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/StarMaxWorldwide & @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

Kanye West and his girlfriend Chaney Jones may be getting more serious than ever with their continuing relationship. After the rapper recently showed love for his girlfriend, Jones followed suit with some comments of her own for Kanye.

Ye and Jones commented on a recent social media post shared by the 24-year-old, not long after the couple had traveled to Japan together. It was also soon after Jones revealed a new Ye tattoo she got on her wrist.

However, the couple’s recent expressions of love for one another also came after Jones surprisingly removed many of her social media posts, leaving just a few up for her followers to see.

Chaney Jones removed all her IG posts except a few

As of this report, Chaney Jones’ official Instagram page includes only two posts. One post is from weeks ago (below), featuring a photo series of Chaney Jones nude with only her hair covering her body.

Additional photos feature Jones posing in a light beige bodysuit, silver miniskirt, and an all-black leather outfit covering most of her body.

There isn’t a caption for the post, but it’s generated plenty of attention. Jones currently has over 121,000 Likes and 2,500 comments.

Jones’ other Instagram post has her dressed in a unique black visor and shiny silver attire, with the first photo a headshot of her with the visor covering her eyes.

In the second photo, Chaney rocks a metallic silver bikini with her hair either dyed gray or with a filter applied to the picture.

In several photos, she’s wearing a bulkier silver metallic outfit covering her entire body along with that large, dark visor over her eyes. The final image shows off a different look, with her top opened to feature the plunging neckline down to her midsection.

Jones didn’t include any sort of caption, letting the images speak for themselves. The photos had racked up over 96,000 Likes and 3,500 comments as of this writing.

It’s unknown why Jones removed the bulk of her Instagram posts and has just the two IG posts showing, as she hasn’t commented publicly on the matter.

Kanye West and Chaney Jones show love for each other

The top comment on Chaney Jones’ newest Instagram post is from her boyfriend since February, Kanye West. While the rapper has been silent on his Instagram page for weeks, he stopped by to leave a heart emoji for Jones.

While many fans reacted to seeing Ye appear in some capacity on The Gram, Jones also replied, leaving three hearts of her own for her boyfriend.

kanye west and chaney jones show love for one another instagram post comments
Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

West left a similar comment on Jones’ other Instagram post with a heart emoji. However, Jones had more of a response to Ye on that one, telling the rapper, “I love me some uuuu,” along with a heart emoji.

chaney jones responds kanye west heart emoji on instagram
Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

The recent expressions of love between Ye and Jones arrived after reports about the two taking a trip to Japan, despite international tourists not being allowed into the country. It’s believed West may have been there for business, but the duo still got to enjoy some time together.

They’ve been dating since early February and seem to be going strong based on Chaney’s new tattoo, their Japan trip, and recent Instagram comments. It’s the first time Kanye West has popped up on Instagram since his 24-hour suspension from the platform in mid-March. The Grammy-winning rapper was suspended from the platform following an IG post with a slur toward Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

Once that suspension was over, all of Kanye’s Instagram posts were removed. As of this writing, there are still no posts on the page, and West hasn’t posted on IG since.

West was subsequently removed as a performer at the 2022 Grammy Awards and dropped out of Coachella as a headline performer. The rapper will be amongst the top Billboard Music Awards nominees, but there has been word on whether he’ll be at Sunday’s show.

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