Matt James makes a funny video about hating dry shampoo

Matt James reveals his hate for dry shampoo. Pic credit: ABC

While Matt James and his The Bachelor season winner, Rachael Kirkconnell, had a rocky start due to some racial insensitivity on Rachael’s part in college, the two worked it out.

After allotting time for reflection and individual work on themselves following The Bachelor season, where Matt was the leading man, the two found their way back to each other.

That may have been the best decision for them both, as they seem more in love and happier than ever together now … except when Rachael uses her spray dry shampoo.

Matt James made a funny video about dry shampoo and his dislike of it

Matt recently made a video and posted it to his Instagram page, making fun of but at the same time trying to make a point about how much he despises women’s dry shampoo.

As he walked into the bathroom in the video, Rachael was getting ready at the vanity, and she sprayed her dry shampoo.

Matt jumped and made a face as he stated, “You all gotta do something about that dry shampoo … I don’t like the smell of that.”

Rachael countered back as Matt walked down the hall, still filming, as she yelled, “You don’t like the smell of any of them. That’s the best one on the market.”

Matt talked about how he was going to make his own dry shampoo

Matt, still in disbelief, spoke to the camera himself and said he was going to start his own dry shampoo line as he rubbed his bald head. He declared he would make one that didn’t smell like Lysol, as he thinks all of the other ones do.

In the background, viewers could hear Rachael say, “It doesn’t smell like Lysol; it smells good.”

Matt then made an astonished face as he asked, “To who?” and Rachael responded, “To me! I already got rid of the first two because you didn’t like those.”

Rachael went on to say she was on her third brand of dry shampoo, trying to appease Matt because he hated the smells of the others.

Matt then emphatically stated that they need to make one that smells like berries and cream, not one that smells like the past three have smelled.

Rachael continued to say she thought the Heritage brand smelled so good but went with another because of Matt. She said the one she is currently using is Living Proof, and she likes it, too.

As Matt continues to film with Rachael in the background, he has a look of disbelief on his face as he claims, “I’m just used to shampoo and conditioner smelling good.”

While Matt doesn’t care for the smell of dry shampoo, it does go a long way that Rachael is taking his feelings and thoughts into account and trying new ones to see if he likes them any better.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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