Apple could bring USB-C to the AirPods and other accessories “in the foreseeable future”

Rumors claim that Apple could ditch the Lighting port on their accessories in favor of USB-C in “the foreseeable future”. This includes items like the Magic peripheral devices, but most notably Apple’s AirPods headphone lineup.

Is the end of the lighting port drawing near? Over the past months, multiple speculations have come to light predicting a USB-C iPhone in the next couple of years. Most pundits seem to agree that Apple could make the switch to USB-C with the iPhone 15.

The rationale for such a move is painfully obvious – the lightning port is inferior to USB-C in practically every aspect. However, one should not underestimate Apple’s notorious stubbornness when it comes to implementing industry-standard features.

Furthermore, the lighting port ecosystem is rather profitable. Hence, Apple has a clear financial incentive to keep the lighting port for as long as possible, even in the face of EU regulations, user demand and common sense.

This is why it comes as a surprise that Apple could not only move towards a USB-C iPhone, but could also implement the port in their many accessories. Prominent analyst Kuo shared this interesting bit of information in a tweet.

Kuo claims that the Magic peripheral devices (trackpad, keyboard, mouse), the MagSafe Battery and even the AirPods could all get USB-C ports in the foreseeable future. Kuo also addresses the prospect for a “portless” iPhone and quickly puts to rest the hypothesis over a number of practical concerns. It is unclear whether this is simply a personal opinion or rests on external information.

It is no secret that Apple is a fierce guardian of its immaculate ecosystem. It is not only a cornerstone of the brand’s identity, but a major source of revenue as well. Nevertheless, the appeal of the USB-C is simply too strong. Apple might well, albeit reluctantly, budge.

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