Briana DeJesus Throws Party to Celebrate Legal Victory Over That “B–ch” Kailyn Lowry, Even Invites Jenelle Evans

As it turns out… Briana DeJesus wasn’t kidding.

Just under a month ago, the MTV personality essentially won a legal victory over her long-time rival, Kailyn Lowry, who sued Briana last year for defamation of character.

Lowry claimed that DeJesus lied in a number of social media posts and celebrity gossip interviews in 2021, alleging that Lowry beat up ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez a couple years ago and also broke into his mother’s house.

Kailyn believed that Briana should have to pay in court for making up such supposed nonsense…

…but a judge disagreed.

He dismissed Lowry’s lawsuit in April.

As you might expect, Briana has been hurling shade in Kailyn’s direction ever since, telling her foe to suck various body parts and trashing her as a “clown,” among other derisive terms.

DeJesus also said she was gonna throw a party specifically to celebrate the dismissal of Lowry’s lawsuit and, well… that’s exactly what Briana did over the weekend.

Lowry, DeJesus

“Wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to my party,” DeJesus captioned a Sunday, May 15 Instagram Story post, adding at the time:

“It was such a blast! I am truly blessed to have y’all in my circle! Loyalty is everything.”

A day earlier, the Florida native invited a bunch of guests — including disgraced Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans — to celebrate the legal win.

The attendees showed off their best dance moves … downed shots out of syringes to toast Briana’s victory… and ate cupcakes that referred to Lowry in rather negative terms.

bri and jenelle

As you can see above, Evans gladly showed up to the shindig, citing the host via her own Instagram Story on Saturday night.

“@_brianadejesus knows how to throw a party,” Jenelle captioned a video that depicts pink cupcakes and macarons on a shelf next to “Bye” and “Hoe” signs.

As you can then see below, Jenelle happily threw back alcohol that had been poured into syringes for some reason:

more bri and evans

In honor of the legal dismissal, a “Case Closed” sign was also hung on the back wall next to a large balloon assortment.

Elsewhere, letters that read “Bye Hoe” were positioned besides sweet treats and snacks for Briana’s guests.

How classy!

case closed
bye hoe

Finally, DeJesus ordered specialty pastries that said, “Bitch better have my money,” with illustrated dollar bills to drive the monetary point home.

Previously, Briana said Kailyn owed her $120,000 in legal fees for all the time attorneys spent fighting Lowry’s claims on Briana’s behalf.

It’s unclear whether or not DeJesus has filed actual paperwork to recoup this cash or not.

bitch cupckes

Lowry, of course, did not have a celebratory reaction to last month’s ruling.

“While today’s ruling is unfortunate, I have to respect the judge’s decision. With that being said, I stand by my truth and the information spread about me is still not true,” the mother of four wrote via Instagram Story at the time.

“I would like to thank my legal team for fighting for me.

“I am looking forward to life after this lawsuit so I can focus my energy solely on my boys and my future business endeavors.”

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