Days of Our Lives Spoilers: A Long-Awaited Ghostly Visit

Fans have hoped for a Bo Brady sighting for years.

Everyone rejoiced when the news broke that Bo would appear on Beyond Salem Season 2.

Even better: The character is set to make a ghostly visit on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-16-22.

Bo’s ghostly appearance is the best thing to come out of the Devil storyline. His death storyline was rushed and never made any sense — he escaped captivity with Steve’s help, came to Salem to rescue Hope from a suddenly-evil Aiden… and then died of a brain tumor three weeks later.

Dying in Hope’s arms was beautifully done, but come on!

But now, Bo comes to comfort Ciara in her hour of need. This was set up nicely on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-09-22 when Ciara prayed for her father to help his little namesake, who the Devil kidnapped at birth.

These should be some emotional scenes!

The spoiler video concentrates on Bo’s ghostly visit. He may also appear to a heartbroken Steve, which can only be good news.

Further spoilers state that Tripp will sacrifice himself to get the Devil out of Allie. He’ll allow it to possess him and then jump out a window.

Supposedly, Tripp dies due to his injuries, but with divine intervention, anything is possible. So, could Bo’s return partially be to resurrect the young doctor?

We have eight official spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-09-22. Please scroll down to check them out!

Ciara and Ben Fight For Their Baby - Days of Our Lives

Ciara and Ben fight to rescue their baby from the Devil.

The Devil seriously underestimated these two’s love for their baby and each other! It’s beyond me why it thought it could steal this baby and no one would try to stop it.

Ben and Ciara are already at the cemetery, determined to get their baby back from the Devil before it’s too late.

Let’s hope they succeed.

Saving Allie's Soul - Days of Our Lives

In a major showdown, Allie’s loved ones attempt to save her soul.

Again, the Devil underestimated everyone.

Yes, the Prince of Darkness doesn’t believe love can overcome evil, but it should at least be aware that such a force exists!

While it resurrected Charlie to stand guard, it thought that once Charlie knocked Johnny out, that was the end of the resistance. Nope!

An Unexpected Encounter - Days of Our Lives

Ciara and Ben have an unexpected encounter.

As discussed above, this is the long-awaited ghostly visit from Bo.

Or is he an angel?

Either way, he is sure to bring comfort to Ciara and maybe her recently born baby.

The Latest Shocking Death - Days of Our Lives

A shocking death rocks Salem.

Tripp is supposed to sacrifice himself to get rid of the Devil for once and for all.

This is going to be heartbreaking. But remember, this is Salem, where the dead rarely stay dead, and there are miracle drugs and, right now, divine interventions that can magically reverse death.

We haven’t gotten any news about Lucas Adams leaving Days of Our Lives, so this type of resurrection may be in the cards here.

Struggling to Tell Sarah The Truth - Days of Our Lives

Xander and Maggie struggle to tell Sarah the truth.

Rip the band-aid off!

Sarah thinks it’s years ago when she didn’t know that her baby had died. When she found out that Xander had switched her dead baby with Kristen’s live one, it took her a long time to forgive him.

Nobody needs a repeat of that, but with spoilers revealing that Xander is going to ask Eric to help him lie about where the baby is, it seems that’s where we’re headed.

Lani and Paulina Keep a Secret - Days of Our Lives

Lani and Paulina keep a secret from Eli and Abe.

This can only mean that they aren’t ready to tell their loved ones that Lani was the one who shot TR.

This subterfuge is entirely unnecessary, and when the truth comes out, it’ll probably blow up both of these women’s relationships.

This is annoying. These two were the victims here, especially Paulina, who was about to suffer TR’s wrath when Lani walked in. Let’s not turn them into the bad guys in this situation.

EJ And Chad Team Up - Days of Our Lives

EJ and Chad team up to oust Gabi.

This is going to be great! Or it would be if Chad didn’t also have a secret hanging over his head.

What’ll happen when EJ finds out that Lucas kidnapped Sami and Chad set EJ up to take the fall?

EJ is not the type to forgive and forget. This is going to get ugly soon.

Johnny Still Loves Chanel / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Johnny impresses upon Chanel how much he still loves her.

He already told her that he does, and she seemed to believe him. But what will he do to impress it upon her?

Hopefully, this isn’t literal — we don’t need any more men forcing themselves on women who aren’t interested. But this doesn’t seem to be going that way, thankfully.

Instead, Johnny will likely do something to comfort Chanel after the Devil showdown takes Tripp or give her some much-needed support with Paulina’s legal problems.

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