Days of our Lives Spoilers: May 16-20, 2022

This week on Days of our Lives, Bo is back! Bo is back! Bo is back! Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of May 2, 2022 on NBC’s Days of our Lives.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Tripp Dies Saving Allie!

Promo Recap: Bo’s ghost reveals himself to his loved ones in Salem!

After the baby possession goes awry, a possessed Allie flees with Johnny in pursuit! Tripp follows and him and Johnny track Allie to St. Luke’s loft where they find her about to set it on fire! Eric, John, and Marlena show up and try an exorcism but stop when the Devil threatens to kill Allie. Tripp offers himself in trade, but his deal goes sideways when the Devil enters his body and commands him to kill Allie. Tripp throws himself out of the church tower window to keep Allie safe! Can divine intervention save him at the hospital when medical care can’t?

More Days of Our Lives Spoilers:

  • A family crisis brings Shawn and Belle closer together.
  • Allie’s family deals with the aftermath of her possession.
  • Kate grills Lucas when he returns to town without Sami.
  • Lani and Paulina keep a secret from Eli and Abe while Steve raises Abe’s suspicions.
  • Nicole is disappointed by Eric’s news.
  • Xander and Maggie struggle to tell Sarah the truth and Xander asks Eric for a favor while Nicole is thrown by Sarah’s accusations.
  • Julie urges Abe to tell Paulina how he feels while Chanel and Lani rally around her.
  • EJ and Chad team up to oust Gabi but Gabi receives help from an unexpected ally.
  • Jan gets under Belle’s skin.
  • Johnny impresses upon Chanel how much he still loves her.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Episodes are available on Peacock.

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