Elden Ring Player Survey Proves That Ranni Is Everybody’s Favorite

Famitsu surveyed 1700 Elden Ring players to get their opinions on why they liked the game, what weapons they liked the most, and more. Frontline Gaming Japan translated the survey results.

When asked what element they liked most about Elden Ring, the surveyed players chose the story and world, the field, and exploration as the top three categories. Boss combat and weapon/armor also ranked highly. To no surprise, item crafting, the equipment upgrade system, and multiplayer elements ranked at the bottom.

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One player commented, “[Elden Ring has] the perfect balance for combat, where you can kill even a god when going one-on-one, but can be killed by regular enemies when going up against many.”

Among favorite weapon types, Katanas, Greatswords, and medium shields ranked in the top three. Ranni the Witch, Iron Fist Alexander, and Blaidd made it to the top three people’s favorite NPCs (or NPCs that “left the strongest impression”) category. Ranni came in at number one and clearly is a fan favorite NPC.

People’s favorite boss fights are no surprise either: Radahn, Malenia, and Margit ranked top three. Among the memorable environments, rot-destroyed Caelid, starting area Limgrave, and Leyendell, the Royal Capital, were among the surveyed players’ favorites.

People’s favorite online feature was messages and least favorite was hostile multiplayer.

There’s more information over at Frontline Gaming Japan for those curious about the full survey results. In other Elden Ring news, the game outsold Call of Duty: Vanguard in the US and overall, has sold more than 13.4 million copies.

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