Here’s how to charge your iPhone with a USB-C cable today

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We’ve been hearing rumors about Apple ditching the proprietary lightning port on iPhones for a few years now, but it always looks like it’s getting delayed and pushed back. An Apple analyst now says that it could happen in the second half of 2023, and iPhones might not be the only Apple product to receive the USB-C treatment.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a popular and reliable Apple analyst, claims that his latest survey indicates that Apple could abandon the lighting port and switch to USB-C as soon as in the second half of 2023. That would mean that the iPhone 15 series could come with a USB-C port, and it also means that this year’s iPhone devices will almost certainly stick with the lightning port.


Unsurprisingly, Kuo says that the port “could improve iPhone’s transfer and charging speed in hardware designs, but the final spec details still depend on iOS support.” We’ve known that for many years, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple come up with a proprietary standard and a unique license, although it’s unclear if Apple could do that.

The European Commission also continues to fight for a standard that could force Apple to ship iPhones and other Apple products with a common USB-C port. If the legislation is passed, it could force Apple, and everyone else in the industry to stop using proprietary ports and implement the USB-C port.

In a separate tweet, Kuo says that a portless iPhone could cause more problems “due to current limitations of wireless technology & the immature MagSafe ecosystem” which has only been renounced a few years ago alongside the iPhone 12 series. Judging by the already popular MagSafe technology, it’s safe to assume that Apple wants to go fully wireless in the near future, but it needs more time to further develop and improve on it.

Kuo also mentions that other Apple products, including the AirPods, Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, and MagSafe Battery pack, could all use USB-C ports in the “foreseeable future.” Seeing other Apple products with a USB-C port could also improve sales for these devices as the Magic accessories are known to work with both Apple and Windows computers. A USB-C AirPod could make it easier for Apple users to charge their MacBook, iPhone, and iPad Air/Pro at the same time, only needing to carry a single cable when traveling or commuting.

How I switched to using a USB-C cable with my iPhone

When I switched over to the iPhone 11, and later the iPhone 12 back in November 2020, I wanted to use my existing cables. I didn’t want to mess with plugging in and constantly switching cables, and I wanted a simple and elegant solution. I bought the Stouchi adapter, which worked flawlessly, and it still works without a problem. The main caveat with these adapters is that if they don’t support OTG, HDMI, or audio outputs. These adapters are excellent for charging and syncing the iPhone with your computer. I’ve included the one I’ve purchased here in the UK, and also added other similar products for our US audience.

Stouchi iOS USB-C to Lightning adapter

Stouchi adapter

I’ve used this adapter for over a year to charge my iPhone 12 and iPhone 11. It always worked perfectly, and it’s an affordable piece of accessories. It lets you charge and transfer data, but it doesn’t support OTG, audio, HDMI, and other outputs.

If adapters aren’t your thing, you can always just pick up a USB-C to Lightning cable, but if you don’t want the cable mess at your workspace, desk, or bed, we’d recommend getting an adapter or two that you can quickly put on and pull off when needed.

Meenova USB-C to Lightning

Meenova USB-C to Lightning

It has a small and portable form factor. It’s ideal for charging devices, and it supports up to 30% output. Like most other adapters, this does not support OTG, flash drive, keyboard, mouse, and audio output and it can only be used for charging and transferring data.

Maogoam USB-C to Lightning

Maogoam USB-C to Lightning

The adapter supports charging up to 30W, and it works with a wide range of Apple devices. The adapter is compatible to charge and transfer files. It also supports Apple CarPlay.

Zoyuzan USB-C to Lightning

Zoyuzan USB-C to Lightning

This is a three-pack, and it includes three adapters. The adapter can be used for charging and syncing data, and it cannot be used for headphones. The maximum rated output is 5V/2.4A, and it’s excellent to slim down on your cables.

Meenova USB-C to Lightning dark

Meenova USB-C to Lightning

This is a cheaper version of the other Meenova product that is on this list. It supports 5V/2.4A charging, and it also only supports data transfers like the other items on this list.

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