Mohamed Abdelhamed Demands Yvette Arellano Serve Him Breakfast in Bed on 90 Day Fiance

Mohamed Abdelhamed enjoyed his first morning in America on this week’s 90 Day Fiance.

He woke up in Yvette Arellano’s bed, with his love by his side.

But it was not entirely what he wanted — because Mohamed wanted to mark the special day with breakfast in bed.

Mohamed expected Yvette to cater to his desires, and felt “frustrated” when she went to work instead of waiting on him like his mother does.

On Season 9, Episode 5 of 90 Day Fiance, Mohamed and Yvette awoke together.

They made no secret of their less-than-restful night’s sleep. It had, after all, been a long time since they last saw each other.

Unfortunately, their morning ritual was cut short by necessity — Yve had to go.

Mohamed Abdelhamed to Yvette Arellano - where you're going?

Mohamed seemed surprised that Yvette had to leave the house, asking where she was going.

She explained that she had to go to work — because she has a job, but also because she has to support herself, him, and her son Theron.

Mohamed cannot work without a work visa, which is months away, so she can’t take time off. Not even on his first day.

Mohamed Abdelhamed wakes up expecting breakfast in bed

When Yvette told him this, however, he seemed to almost short-circuit as he processed the information.

Mohamed told the camera that his “dream” had been that, to mark this special day, Yve would cook breakfast in bed for him.

Many of us enjoy breakfast in bed, but very few people actually expect it.

Mohamed Abdelhamed - I will try (bidet installation)

Yvette did not leave Mohamed entirely empty-handed, however.

Since he wants a bidet for the bathroom (he insists that he cannot live without it), Yve offered to let him install it as his project for the day.

She had tried, but was unsure of how to do it.

Mohamed Abdelhamed - I thought you were going to make me breakfast

As Yvette led him into the kitchen, however, Mohamed seemed confused.

“I thought you were going to make me breakfast,” he said in disbelief, as if hoping that the pout in his tone would change her mind.

She could not, however, because she had to go to work, as she had patients with appointments.

Mohamed Abdelhamed - because my mom, she usually cooks for me

Yvette instead laid out various ingredients for Mohamed to make breakfast, presumably knowing what he likes.

Still, Mohamed was stunned at having to prepare his meal, “because my mom, she usually cooks for me.”

Mohamed brings up his mother an awful lot while discussing his fiancee.

Mohamed Abdelhamed tries, fails to install bidet

Mohamed expressed that he felt “frustrated” with Yvette for not preparing him breakfast in bed in accordance with his fantasy.

His mother has always done these things for him, and he has never lived with a woman before.

He attempted to install the bidet, but to no avail, seemingly hoping that Yve would take care of it when she returns.

Mohamed Abdelhamed meets Yvette's son Theron

The one highlight of their time together was when Mohamed met Theron, Yvette’s son.

She had been uncertain of how he would react to her son’s developmental delays and medical needs.

But the two embraced, and Mohamed gushed to the camera about how welcomed he felt.

Yvette and Mohamed for Season 9

90 Day Fiance fans have been putting Mohamed on blast since this, however.

From calling him “Hamza 2.0” to referring to his mother-fiancee confusion as the “Oedipal Olympics,” his critics are not mincing words.

Yvette is working to support him, herself, and her son — it’s not reasonable for him to expect her to labor for him at home before and after work, too. She’s not his mom.

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