NYC Funding $2 Million Bachelor’s Degree Program In Game Design

NYC Mayor’s Office (YouTube)

The press conference also saw Mayor Adams made an honorary member of New York Excelsior, an Overwatch team currently competing in the official Overwatch League. Maybe he could have helped them in last night’s 3-1 loss to the two-time champion San Francisco Shock, but I’m not sure which heroes Adams mains or if the mayor’s even up on the current Overwatch 2 meta.


New York University and Parsons School for Design were previously the only colleges in New York City that offered educations in game design. As such, this new program at the public City College of New York should make the whole endeavor more accessible for those unable to afford the steep tuition of private institutions.

“Every year, our city has more young people with the creative potential and drive to shape the next generation of playful experiences, and a public bachelor’s degree program will provide a vital pathway for them to do that,” said Naomi Clark, chair of the NYU Game Center.

Of course, it’s up for debate whether pursuing an education specifically tailored to game development is smart in the first place, but as someone who didn’t go to school for anything, I’ll leave that conversation to others.

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