Rapper Young Thug was apprehended and levied with 56 crimes

Rapper Young Thug was arrested and charged with 56 crimes. 30-year-old Rapper Young Thug (real name – Jeffrey Williams ) was arrested and charged with creating an organized criminal community, which committed 56 crimes. It is reported by TMZ.

According to the source, at the moment, the performer is in prison and is accused of creating a criminal community, which began its activities in 2012. The group consisted of 28 people, among whom was another artist – rapper Gunna, who is in custody.

It is reported that a thorough search was carried out in Young Thug’s house: detectives broke several walls in the room and also dug up the backyard on the performer’s site. The rapper and the group he created called Young Slime Life are accused of committing 56 crimes, including racketeering, murders, robberies, and acts of violence.

One piece of evidence linking the artist to these acts is documented that shows that Young Thug rented a car from which a member of a rival gang was killed in 2015.


Rapper The Kidd Creole was previously sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing a homeless man. The 62-year-old rapper The Kidd Creole (real name August Darnell), one of the frontiersperson of the old school hip-hop and a associate of the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five was convicted to 16 years in jail for slaughtering a homeless man. This was reported by TMZ. The incident took place in 2017: when the artist was passing by a homeless man, he exchanged two sentences with him, after which he struck the man several times in the torso. The rapper fled the scene, took Subway to his office, and eyewitnesses called an ambulance for the displaced. Doctors at the hospital pronounced the victim dead with stab wounds.

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