The Galaxy Watch 4 receives a ‘Recently Played’ tile for YouTube Music

If you have a Galaxy Watch 4 and prefer to listen to your favorite songs on YouTube Music, head to the Wear OS Play Store and update your YouTube Music app to version 5.06.40.

The patch adds a new tile for your Galaxy Watch 4 that will let you start listening to your songs or just open the app itself with just one tap (via 9to5Google). You can find it alongside the other tiles (the widgets you access by swiping left) that come preinstalled with your watch.

When YouTube Music is paused, the new tile shows the most recently played song, the album and artist name, and the song cover as background artwork. You can tap anywhere on it to resume playback from where you left off, or you can tap the “Browse” button to open the watch app and switch songs or playlists. You will notice that when a song is playing, the “Browse” button is no longer visible, but don’t worry, you can still easily open the app by tapping on the song.

As we previously reported, the Galaxy Watch 4 series will receive another cool and long-awaited feature: Google Assistant. Recently, in a blog post, Samsung announced that sometime during this summer, Galaxy Watch 4 users will be able to download and finally use Google‘s own voice assistant instead of the currently installed Bixby. Samsung also announced that additional Google apps and services would be optimized for Galaxy Watches later this year.Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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