Amazon makes Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra irresistible with huge discount AND killer freebie

Released just a few months back at an admittedly high but arguably fair price of $1,200 and up, the Galaxy S22 Ultra reportedly became a huge global hit in essentially no time, comfortably exceeding the initial popularity of its smaller and cheaper siblings.

Believe it or not, bargain hunters with a passion for gargantuan screens, uber-powerful processors, megapixels, and pens can now save even more by combining the unlocked Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G variant of their choice with a feature-packed Galaxy Watch 4.
We’re talking about the non-Classic Apple Watch Series 7 alternative here, mind you, and an Amazon bundle deal looking an awful lot like those killer Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 promotions we brought to your attention just yesterday.

Exactly as in those cases, you’ll have to go to the e-commerce giant’s S22 Ultra product listing and hit the “add both to cart” button in the “Extra Savings” section for, well, the two devices to be added to your digital cart and your order to show a total discount of $480 (!!!) just before completing it.

That’s the same aforementioned $250 marked down from the $1,199.99 regular price of an entry-level Galaxy S22 Ultra configuration on top of $230 slashed off the… $230 price of a Bluetooth-only Galaxy Watch 4 in a 44mm size.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to opt for a different version of Samsung‘s latest sporty smartwatch, but if you prefer, you can choose a Galaxy S22 Ultra with 256 or 512 gigs of internal storage space instead of just 128.

Either way, you’re looking at saving a cool 250 bucks AND getting a complimentary Wear OS-based intelligent timepiece with plenty of raw power, decent battery life, and a beautiful circular display.

By no means a bargain (at least by conventional standards), the S22 Ultra is clearly even more appealing than ever, especially when you consider the “regular-sized” Galaxy S22 and the S22 Plus are currently discounted by “only” $125 and $250 respectively with no killer freebies included whatsoever.

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