Anya-Taylor-Joy cut off long snow-white curls

A talented actress of American-British-Argentinean origin, we especially fell in love with the role of Beth Harmon from the TV series “Queen’s gambit.” However, now she and the heroine have much more in common because Anya-Taylor-Joy has changed her signature hairstyle.

Although more recently, the star of the film “Varyag” appeared before the fans in the role of the Nordic witch Olga, who perfectly matched the real prototype of the platinum blonde. But the main character herself firmly decided that it was time for a change this spring! In the picture with her hairy boyfriend, Anya appeared with a short bob and bangs in the Parisian style.

The copper hue of her hair perfectly complements her large green eyes and delicate features. Thanks to the previous reincarnations, the fans of the star were not discouraged by the unexpected reincarnation. Although we will not hide that now it looks much more interesting and brighter.

For the premiere of the adventure thriller Varyag, Anya Taylor-Joy decided to rethink the image of the ballerina from Swan Lake. A platinum blonde with a porcelain skin tone opted for a translucent nude dress from Dior. The elegant and dazzling actress was without a doubt the star of this red carpet. Now we know for sure that the modern Snow Queen has eschewed long train outfits and is wearing a shimmery mini that reveals her long legs.

The image of one of the most sought-after Hollywood stars was thought out to the smallest detail. Anya paired a daring dress from the French fashion house with equally sparkling Christian Louboutin pumps and diamond earrings by Tiffany & Co. But in order not to freeze on this spring day, the performer of the role of Olga threw on a snow-white light coat.



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