From VR To Vibrators, Video Game Sex Tech Now Has Infinite Possibilities

Buttpluggin’ With qDot (YouTube)

And the project continues to evolve. You will also soon be able to couple directly with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, Wii Remotes, PlayStation DualShocks, Oculus Rift Touch controllers, and HTC Vive controllers to let games and apps control their rumble functions. But until then, there are still plenty of ways to cleverly use the software with games.


But before you start deciding what toys and games to connect with, Valens suggests you ponder three questions. “One, is this game really accommodating to rumble effects? Two, is this game single-player or multiplayer? Three, if it’s multiplayer, is there something particularly intimate about gameplay, or something you could sexualize with other consenting parties?”

After you’ve sorted out the answers to those questions, which ask you to consider your desired physical effects, as well as the scope and boundaries of your intended activity, it’s time to play.


And there’s a lot to play. “There’s something really kinky about your partner beating you up in a game, and you actively feel that effect with your vibe,” Valens said. “There’s also something really sexy about playing a game like League of Legends with your friends and everyone getting each other off by using their abilities as they play. But I don’t know if I would necessarily advise people play [single-player games like] Metal Gear Solid 3 with a vibrating butt plug, unless they just want something to go off in their bodies and tease them as they play a video game.”

You can also dabble more directly in simulated sex by pairing your toy of choice with imaginative porn games compatible with, like Caveman BIOS Teaches Erotic Typing, which makes your device quiver with each word you type. “Several adult games also have capabilities thanks to mods,” said Valens, “such as Koikatsu Party and Bondage Club. There’s a full list on GitHub.”


VR sex is the new frontier

While we’re talking about fully pornographic games, both Valens and Machulis mentioned cartoonish virtual YouTubers (VTubers) and virtual reality in general as commanding NSFW gaming’s neon-bright future.


“As a VTuber myself, I’m really interested in what Projekt Melody is doing,” Valens said, referring to the lewd, purple-haired VTuber. “As fans of her know, she uses teledildonic sex toys in her streams, and viewers can tip for them to go off.”

Associating tips with a lewd act performed on camera is “pretty standard in the cam world with IRL models,” Valens says, but Projekt Melody’s streams blend physical and virtual by combining animated sex or stripping with the tangible feedback of a teledildonic toy.


“I would argue that Projekt Melody’s appeal is in her connection to anime and gaming,” Valens said, “and that the 3D sandbox experience she’s hosting in her cam sessions could be considered a game in and of itself.”

Digital porn stars like Projekt Melody could also serve as inspiration for stepping into your own reality-disintegrating VR sex world.


“The amount of immersion you get when strapping TVs to your head is already massive, so putting vibrators and whatnot all over your body while you strap TVs to your head is the obvious next step,” Machulis said. “There are VR games like Virt-A-Mate, Heat, and others that provide complex interactive scenes with hardware support,” he said, while erotic, social VR experiences like ViRo Playspace can bring you into a heady, animated sexual scenario in which your toys are interacting with in-world virtual objects or even other players. Some VR worlds lean into the fantasy, like Captain Hardcore, a slutty space exploration game that advertises linking your fleshlight to a naked alien’s body for “total immersion.”

That doesn’t look zero-gravity-proof.
Screenshot: AntiZero


These types of VR games and social groups, which let you look and feel exactly how you want, are arguably the most fully realized combination of sex with gaming. They enable gamers to transcend their bodies in all the ways a person might want to—looks, gender, voice—while keeping them tuned into their body’s sense of satisfaction. Think of the most immersive, detailed role-playing game then imagine you could literally fuck in it.

It’s funny to think of VR sex that way, perhaps one headset or screen away from real-life sex, but real life doesn’t come with mods that let you penetrate a hand with a two-foot blue dick like VRChat, now does it? And, crucially, real-life sex isn’t a game the way VR allows it to be in its single-player games. When you pursue VR sex alone, armed with nothing but whatever pulsating plastic you have on hand, you can experience a safe, exploratory way to visualize the boundaries of your sexual imagination and desire.


An open world of possibility

Both video games and your physical pleasure are what you make of them. Sex tech may help you wake up dormant parts of your sexuality, perhaps ones wrapped up in shame, and brush them off to discover what feels good, what you’re ready to do, and where your boundaries lie. But there’s no rush, and you should never feel like you need to try something you aren’t interested in or aren’t emotionally prepared for.


Image: Projekt Melody

“Sexuality in gaming is a very complicated topic,” Valens said. “There’s a lot of stigma attached despite sexual content being an enormous part of gaming fandom. My advice is to take things slowly, go at the pace that feels comfortable to you, and don’t be afraid to experiment when you’re ready.”


Don’t be afraid of exploring something you never knew about before, either. “Sex tech, while far more known that it was when I started this 18 years ago—thanks to the advent of things like smartphones and better wireless communication—is still somewhat of a niche,” Machulis told me. “There’s also the usual assumption that it’s more about perverted lust than anything. While that’s true in some situations, the nice thing about single-player, offline sex games is that it provides a safe environment to experiment and explore without having to worry about dealing with the expectations of other people.”

So let your body lead the way—if you’re feeling curious about melding sex with video games, scroll through the resources we talked about and let your curiosity flourish. Ask yourself what you want and what you don’t, and, whenever you’d like, allow gaming to show you something you’ve never seen before.

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