Guild Of Dungeoneering Brings Doodled Dungeon Crawling To Switch This Week

Gambrinous has revealed that it’s bringing the adorable hand-drawn dungeon crawler Guild Of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition to Switch! Released back on Steam in 2015, fans have been begging to see a Switch version since the console launched, and now, Gambrinous can deliver the goods on 19th May and will be playable in playable in English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese from day one!

As a top-down dungeon crawler, Guild of Dungeoneering is a bit different to your standard, grittier adventures around a dungeon. Each map looks like it’s been scribbled by a school kid in their exercise book, and the characters look like paper cut-outs. But other than the charming aesthetic, the game is all about you building the dungeons instead of you simply escaping them.

To construct your pencil dungeon masterpiece, you place a card from your Guild Deck down onto the paper to build a room, which ranges from monsters, traps, loot, and so on. The character decides for themselves which direction to go in, so you have to be a little bit intuitive and strategically place your cards down to ensure they don’t die too quickly! You also use your cards in combat to fight off spiders and other creatures. But don’t worry, there’s a bard who’ll be happy to sing about your failures for you.

The version we’re getting this week is the Ultimate Edition, a remaster of the 2015 release that adds tons to the already-wonderful base game. Here’s a huge list of everything that the developers added:

– 3 new dungeoneer classes (Guild Digger, Super Chump and Ultra Chump)
– 25 new monsters
– 22 new equippable pieces of loot
– 16 new quests
– Lots more bard songs
– Extremely Fancy draw-in animation when you drop a room in the dungeon
– In-depth tutorial in first mission to teach some crucial info
– Major improvement to dungeoneer customisation with many more options!
– Guildopedia added. Can now examine every unlockable attack card and enemy in the game (each viewable after you encounter them)
– Selection of fancy paper backgrounds to switch between
– Dungeoneer ‘voice’ set now has two variations
– Sharper font rendering throughout the game
– UI for loot screen massively reworked to better show what you will gain/lose with each choice
– Full controller support (and keyboard support)
– Localisation support and first translation (Simplified Chinese)
– Two DLCs incorporated into main game & rebalanced accordingly
– Huge rebalance to existing classes with many tweaks and improvements (full details)
– Scar system completely overhauled into ‘Victory Traits’ & ‘Advanced Victory Traits’
– Favour system improved with 3 abilities in dungeon and 3 different abilities in fights
– Show * star icons in various places for tier 1/2/3 content (loot, classes, monsters, quests & regions) to help this info stand out
– Lots of new animations, art, and polish (check out the little dance when you win a quest!)
– Improved which dungeon cards you draw each turn (they always fit)
– Lots more lines for dungeoneers & bosses now have a final line as you beat them!
– Big improvement to the graveyard. Much more interesting info kept for each grave, and interesting tombstones unlocked by more successful dungeoneers
– Improved pathfinding/AI in several very useful ways. Also dragging a card out and holding it over the dungeon previews how the path will update
– Can view current deck from character sheet
– Huge number of improved or new SFX throughout the game
– Improved the Favour-based traits for loot, and sprinkled them beyond the DLC content they arrived in
– Unlock economy rebalanced (especially considering DLC content)
– Reworked 5 quests with frustrating ‘You lose after X turns’ lose conditions
– Reworked ending questline
– Region markers shown on map in cloudy area before you reach them
– Better display of how many quests you have beaten in each location on the map
– Text size toggle for journals
– Found a way to bring back the old tutorial Rubber Ducky from Guild Classic as a miniboss
– Rejigged guild upgrade screen to group all blessings/dungeoneers/loot into their own sections
– Cloud Saves (Steam)
– More interesting achievements (Steam)

The fact that Switch players are getting all of these quality of life additions from the get-go is excellent, and will let us tap into our inner child right away. Reviews on Steam are Mostly Positive after over 1500 comments, and our friends at GameSpot applauded the game’s style and challenge, saying “When the game’s immense charm and good-natured snark wears off, the challenge sets in.”

Well, let’s take a look at some of that charm, shall we?

The game is currently also available on mobile, where you can use the touch screen to map out your dungeon. Whether this will be part of the Switch release, we don’t know — though we’d love to see it!

Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition is out later this week on 19th May on the Switch eShop! Tell us if you’re thinking of picking this up in the comments!

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