Here’s A Look At Follower Quests In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a ‘massive expansion’ for the game, is creeping ever closer. Due on 30th June, it’ll add a whole lot of content and also new features, one of which is Follower Quests.

Revealed in a Digital Event for the game earlier this month, these are single-player only and involve you heading into battle accompanied by story characters. These characters will pitch in and help, with each having distinct fighting styles; they’ll even behave like human players and ride monsters, for example. It’ll be another way for the game to do its storytelling, and in addition to follower quests with characters from the new Sunbreak hub (Elgado), there’ll also be some of these with Kamura residents from the base game, such as Hinoa and Minoto.

The game’s official Twitter account has now shared a peak at Follower Quests in action, showcasing how Dame Fiorayne (a key character in the expansion) helps out.

The AI looks solid, utilising various moves to weaken the monster. Replies to the video seem mixed as some don’t seem to like the new feature, but as an optional set of single-player quests we think it looks like a fun idea.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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