Kuo: Apple testing E Ink cover display for foldables

Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Cupertino is in the process of testing an E Ink cover display for its foldable device. The new report comes following last week’s rumor of Apple testing folding panels for its future iPhone and iPad which are expected to arrive around 2025.

E Ink's Advanced Color ePaper display

E Ink’s Advanced Color ePaper display

Taiwan’s E Ink Corporation is one of the biggest electronic ink display makers and is the key supplier for Amazon’s Kindle range. The company also makes color e-ink panels which are the type Apple is allegedly interested in. The big advantage of e-ink panels over traditional OLED and LCD ones is their low power consumption while the main drawback is the slow refresh rate as we recently examined first-hand in our Huawei MatePad Paper review.

With companies like E Ink working on new types of e ink displays including foldable and rollable panels, we are bound to see some interesting developments. The technology should hopefully advance enough to the point where it becomes widely used by smartphone manufacturers in the near future.

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