PS5 Console Covers In New Colors Arrive June 17

The PlayStation 5’s newest alternate color console colors will go on sale this June, Sony has announced. Fans in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg can buy one of the new alternate color covers beginning June 17 from the PlayStation Direct website.

The colors available then will be Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple, and Nova Pink. As announced previously, the alternate color covers are available for both the disc-based and all-digital PS5 consoles, and they cost $55 each.

The Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 console covers launched back in January 2022. Users can pop off the existing white cover, click the new one in place, and that’s all there is to it. Check out GameSpot’s installation guide for more on how to swap out the face plate.

In other PlayStation news, Sony just recently announced that PS5 sales have now passed 19 million units. Sony sold 2 million PS5 units in the last quarter, down from 3.3 million the year prior. Looking ahead, however, Sony is projecting significant growth for the PS5, which might be a sign that the ongoing PS5 shortages are easing up.

The Xbox and Switch platforms routinely outsell the PS5 in the US for units sold and dollars driven, and that’s no doubt related to the supply constraints. By comparison, it is much easier to find an Xbox or a Switch, for whatever reason. While Sony might be forecasting stronger PS5 sales for the current fiscal year, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to walk into a store anytime soon and pick up a console, unfortunately. Check out GameSpot’s PS5 restock page to learn more.

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