Travis Scott declares his first public concert since the Astroworld tragedy

After a horrific stampede at last year’s Astroworld festival that killed at least ten people, many have sought to bring rapper Travis Scott to justice. Then he heard a flurry of criticism in his address, and the fans could only guess when he would return to the stage again? But last Saturday night, the rapper finally burst onto the scene. The brash performer tossed a wad of cash into the crowd as he clutched a Don Julio 1942 tequila bottle before taking the stage at E11even at the Miami Grand Prix.

Those present went crazy with enthusiastic emotions when he began to perform the Antidote track. In addition to him, Scott performed the hits Highest in the Room, Pick Up The Phone, Goosebumps and SICKOMODE. One of the insiders assured that the fans greeted him with delight, and the crowd sang along to every word from the already cult tracks in his daring performance. The rapper entered the stage at 3:30 in the morning and left after about 45 minutes, around 4:15 in the morning. But as it turned out last month, 31-year-old Travis was supposed to take the stage during a Formula 1 party at a club with tables ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. However, he performed at several private events. 

So, in April, Travis played a concert at the closed party Bootsy Bellows Coachella 2022, after he was not included in the official composition of the music festival participants. He also performed at a house party in Bel Air right before the  Oscars , where Leonardo DiCaprio and Serena Williams were among the guests.

It is not yet known how long it will take to restore his reputation in the eyes of the fans, but it seems that Scott is ready to take the first step. 




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