AI: The Somnium Files Sequel Gets A New Trailer Showing Off Its Eclectic Cast

Sony has published a new trailer for Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming murder mystery sequel, AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative featuring a bunch of new and returning characters.

We’re already well acquainted with Mizuki, Aiba, Iris Sagan, and Amame Doi — who are all returning from the first game. New joint-protagonist Ryuki, his eyeball companion Tama, student Kizuna, and comedian and quiz host Komeji have all been introduced to us before, too. But this trailer does highlight a few new names and faces who we can expect to bump into during our investigation of the Half Body serial killings:

  • Lien, a locksmith who dreams of becoming a pilot
  • Gen, a masked man who owns the restaurant ‘Brahman World Cuisine’
  • Shoma, a 6th grader who claims to have solved the Bats490 code
  • Tokiko, president of the secret society Naixatloz’s Japanese branch
  • Chikara, a scientist and director of the Horadori Institute of Genetics
  • Masked Woman, who works in the shadows to uncover some secrets

A few more favourites are featured too, such as Boss, Pewter, and the first game’s protagonist, Kaname Date. What roles they’re all going to play, we don’t know yet.

AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative releases on 24th June in North America. Unfortunately, European and Oceanian fans will have to wait an extra two weeks to get their hands on the game, as it was recently delayed due to issues with the physical release — the delay also includes digital copies of the game.

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Who are you looking forward to meeting in the AI: The Somnium Files sequel? Let us know.

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