Britney Spears: Why Is She Shamed Her For Posting Nude Photos While Others Celebs Are Praised?

When Britney Spears’ conservatorship finally came to an end in November of 2021, fans of the pop icon were ecstatic.

Mostly, they were happy that Britney would finally be allowed to enjoy the freedoms that are typically afforded any grownup who’s not presently incarcerated.

But they were also excited to finally get to know the real Britney.

For most of her adult life, every aspect of Britney’s life was closely monitored and controlled by her father, which meant that her social media content all had to be approved before she could post it.

Now, for the first time, Britney would be able to show her whole self to the world — sometimes in more ways than one.

Fans were delighted to learn that Britney is more sarcastic and eccentric and quirky than they previously knew.

And it’s not just Ms. Spears’ endearing personality traits that are on full display these day.

Britney Spears with a Smile and a Squeeze

Britney frequently posts nude photos that test the limits of Instagram’s adult content policy.

Her fans aren’t complaining, of course, and most are happy to see the singer living her best life in such an open way.

But a handful of critics have expressed disdain for Britney’s more risqué content.

Britney Spears Crawls in the Surf

For the most part, these people engage in an act known as “concern trolling,” meaning that they disguise their criticism as fear for Britney’s health and well-being.

The racy photos, these people insist, are evidence of a mental health issue, and fans should be worrying about Britney, not applauding her newfound fondness for public nudity.

Of course, these people know nothing about the state of Britney’s mental health, and the situation is made more irritating by the fact that so other stars are free to pose nude without being subjected to this sort of asinine scrutiny.

Britney Spears Is Naked on Instagram

Take for example, Hillary Duff, who recently appeared nude on the cover of Women’s Health magazine.

As BuzzFeed points out, the reactions to Duff’s nude photoshoot and Britney’s revealing Instagram posts could not have been more different.

On Twitter, Hillary was hailed as a “perfect example of how a childhood star can actually grow up to be a well-adjusted, loving, ‘normal,’ strong, and fantastic example of a working woman and human in entertainment and beyond.”

Hilary Duff Red Carpet Photo

Fans called her an “inspiration on many levels” and praised both her appearance and her achievements.

Compare this to tweets about Britney’s Instagram posts, many of which deride the singer’s content as “disturbing” and embarrassing.”

Thankfully, at least one Twitter user recognized the hypocrisy here.

Britney Spears Bares All ... Except Baby Bump

“I adore Hilary and she looks incredible, but the difference in comments on her post compared to Britney doing the same thing is astounding,” this person tweeted, according to BuzzFeed.

“People are so brainwashed by social media that they think nudity is wrong unless you’ve hired a photographer and glam team,” they added.

The commenter noted that the major difference between Hillary and Britney’s photos is the quality of the photography, which should not be surprising, as Duff was working with a professional crew.

Britney Without a Top

“When its paid and when its brushed photoshoped and done by a photographer its good if its done by yourself then you are crazy i guess thats the logic here,” the Twitter user wrote.

“Hilary Duff posts a nude photoshoot and everyone praises her, Britney Spears posts her own nudes from her phone and she’s shamed. Can someone explain the difference?”

Thankfully, Britney doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered by the criticism.

Britney Spears Models a Flirtatious Red Dress

In fact, like so many other hurdles in her life, she’s chosen to simply laugh it off.

“Alrightyyy then folks … showing my bod in French Polynesia as a rebel and free WOMAN !!!!!” Spears captioned one recent nude.


Britney Spears Poses on the Beach

We guess the haters can go ahead and stay mad if they want to.

But it’s clear to us that Britney is thoroughly enjoying being able to freely interact with her social media followers. 

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