Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Sell Home as Due Date Approaches

Earlier this year, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard revealed that they are selling their home.

While they’re sorry to see the property go, they know that they need to uproot for Derick’s ne wjob.

Besides, their family is growing. Jill’s due date is only a couple of months away.

Now, the Dillards have successfully sold their home.

Derick and Jill purchased the four-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,486 square foot house more than three years ago, in April of 2019.

The house in Lowell, Arkansas is on a sizable 8,276 square foot plot of land.

While the house is arguably large enough for the soon-to-be family of five, Derick’s new job required a move.

The Dillard House

In Touch Weekly reports that the sale went through on May 12.

The closing price was officially listed at $305,000.

While today’s housing market has skyrocketing prices spurred on by corporations buying up neighborhoods, not all markets are the same.

Derick and Jill In Robes

The one-story brick home includes an open floor plan, an eat-in kitchen, and a covered rear-facing patio.

We have all seen the fenced backyard over the past few years — great for entertaining, privacy, or having pets or children.

The Dillards listed the specific plants in their backyard when advertising their home, indicating no plans to take these plants with them.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard on Social Media

Israel David is 7 years old. Samuel is 3.

Soon, they will both have a baby brother.

A four-bedroom house is generally enough for a family that size (if you don’t need a guest room), but there’s a chance that the move could lead to an upgrade.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard in Black/White

Jill and Derick will likely show off their new home in the not-so-distant future.

They likely had to weigh many different considerations before deciding where to live, including the size of their growing family.

Derick’s new job may have dictated where they move. Other factors, like finances, could determine other specifics.

Jill and Derick In Oregon

Jill’s recent legal battle revealed that she makes only about $10k per year in sponsorships and endorsement deals.

That’s a nice and relatively easy bit of extra money to have lying around, but it’s not enough to qualify as a full-time job (or full-time influencer)

Right now, most families need to have both partners working. Depending upon Derick’s new salary, they might need to make difficult choices.

The Dillards in 2021

The truth is that Jill, who spent many years as a reality star before she and Derick left Counting On, should have more of a cushion than she probably does.

Even child reality stars (which, not to get on my soapbox, should not be a legal thing) usually benefit from their years of on-screen work.

The Gosselin sextuplets recently turned 18, attaining the first payout on their reality TV earnings. But that’s not how things work for the Duggars.

The Dillards in 2022

As Derick has long complained, Jim Bob pocketed the money from the reality series himself, selling the idea to his family as a form of religious “service.”

One can easily imagine how a manipulative patriarch could spin a reality career into a sort of “missionary” work to his cult-raised offspring.

While Jim Bob does give his adult children expensive gifts sometimes (in order to keep them under his control), the right thing to do would have just been paying everyone directly for their work.

Jill Duggar and Derick: A Photo

Jill and Derick are doing okay, but it’s hard to think about any of this — home shopping, how much Jill makes through Instagram endorsements, etc — without remembering how she was robbed.

Worse still, of course, is that she was denied a real education or the chance to have normal life experiences during her cult upbringing.

Jill will never get another childhood, and can only play the hand that her toxic parents dealt her. It’s a shame.

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