Drastically thinner Rebel Wilson met a new Love after breaking up with a Jacob Bush

Drastically thinner Rebel Wilson met a new Love after breaking up with a Jacob Bush. In 2020, Rebel Wilson began dating billionaire Jacob Bush. However, this relationship lasted only a year. At first, journalists found out about the breakup of the couple, and soon the artist herself confirmed the breakup with her boyfriend by posting a picture on social networks with the tag “free girl.” However, Rebel did not stay alone for too long.

The other day, the actress, who managed to lose 35 kilograms, spoke in a podcast about how her heart is busy again. “Now I am happy in a new relationship. I met my boyfriend at a friend’s house,” Wilson admitted. According to the artist, a friend had known them both for about five years and decided that they could make a great couple. Such matchmaking, according to Rebel, is much better for girls than dating apps.

“This significantly increases the chances of success. After all, here, your source is fully verified. You can be sure that the person will not deceive you. And that he really is who you think he is. In dating apps, this is a luxury,” said Wilson, alluding to the fact that she was repeatedly deceived by online acquaintances.

Wilson confirmed her words with experience. She admitted that she had about 50 meetings with men on dating apps. “To be honest, almost all of these dates were the first and only. One meeting is enough to understand: “Oh, no!” the celebrity joked.

It involved a lot of trial and error – but it seems to have worked because he is now happy in a new relationship. Although the Rebel has not yet gone official with her partner on Instagram, she has left out some clues as to who they may be. 


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