How are Kate Middleton and Prince William planning to modernize the monarchy

How are Kate Middleton and Prince William planning to modernize the monarchy? The British crown is woven from strict rules, traditions, and history, which is why many call the institution of the monarchy outdated and outdated. However, if the representatives of the royal family want to keep their dynastic hive, then they need to modernize the royal code, which Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to do. The Dukes of Cambridge understand that life does not stand still, so the Kingdom needs to close the distance and catch up with the present called “modernity” in order to predict a prosperous future for the monarchy.

Recently, the news appeared on the network that Prince William and Kate Middleton want to give up their titles, and the public will only greet them by their first names. With this gesture, the Cambridges want to show that they are no different from ordinary people. It is assumed that this decision followed immediately after the end of their tour of the Caribbean, where the dukes faced a wave of criticism.

Spouses have also been known to oppose bowing and curtseying in public to create a less formal setting. However, unfortunately, the public does not believe that the dukes will be able to make the monarchy more modern because the crown was formed over several hundred years. “Excuse me, but do the Cambridges really think that dropping titles is what modernizes the monarchy?”, Users comment on their social networks. By the way, many Britons call modernization and monarchy a real oxymoron. However, the majority still hopes that Cambridge will manage to “crush” the crown under modern life, and the rejection of titles is the first step towards fundamental changes.


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