Jason Momoa apologizes for his photos and videos inside the Sistine Chapel

Jason Momoa apologizes for his photos and videos inside the Sistine Chapel. This week , the Aquaman star shared photos and videos on social media where he can barely hide his admiration for the great works of art inside the Apostolic Palace. The only problem is that photography inside is strictly prohibited as the flash can damage the famous masterpieces. Of course, Internet users did not appreciate such a thoughtless act of a Hollywood actor, and some even considered that the star had  special privileges .”  

After receiving some mixed reactions from the audience, Momoa decided to apologize in a counter video message. 

“I just desired to say that if you thought I was disrespectful of your culture, then that was not my intention. I arrived here when I was 19 or 20 to see the Sistine Chapel. I have always wanted this, and now that I can, I have made a wonderful donation to bring my friends and crew here because we only had a couple of days off to see these places,” Jason said.

The actor himself was very surprised that people wanted to take pictures with him, which is very strange during a trip to the Vatican with all these miracles, but in spite of everything, he did it. At that very moment, the actor was very respectful and asked permission from the local organizers. 

And we must admit that the pictures turned out great. Also, Momoa paid to have this private moment and made a good donation to the church. In addition to visiting historical sites in Italy, Jason starred in the movie Fast and Furious 10. The film, which also stars Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Sung Kang, and John Cena, is set to release in May 2023.


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