Jessie James Decker wants opinions in thigh-skimming minidresses

Jessie James Decker poses with wine. Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

Jessie James Decker is sizzling in three thigh-skimming looks, and she wants feedback. The 33-year-old country singer, currently making music headlines via her tour, has also been busy promoting her Kittenish clothing line, and it looks like she can add “brand ambassador” to her resume skills.

Posting photos to her popular label this week, the Jessie & Eric alum stunned with her fit figure on show, also asking fans to vote via heart emoji.

Jessie James Decker goes triple threat in minidress selfies

Kittenish’s 600,000+ followers saw Jessie in selfie mode, three times over. The mom of three opened in a wraparound-effect and baby pink minidress with baggy sleeves, an asymmetric and segmented skirt getup, plus a plunging neckline.

Going busty, the blonde showed off her toned legs and cleavage, with the next look switching to periwinkle blue.

Here, Jessie went shirt dress style, slightly more girly, and still very leggy as she photographed herself home and on hardwood floors. The Just Feed Me author closed in a robe-style and very short dress with a very deep neckline and matching waist tie.

“Comment your fave dress,” the caption read. Fans were given a blue, purple, or red heart emoji prompt to reply.

Kittenish, which boasts actress Jamie Lynn Spears as a fan and semi-regular influencer, is fresh from the 2022 launch of Kittenish Swim. The range sees Jessie joining the list of celebrities boasting clothing lines – in country music alone, the same is seen with CALIA by Carrie founder Carrie Underwood and Idyllwind boss, Miranda Lambert.

Jessie James Decker keeps her clothes country-infused

“Obviously, there’s a lot of Southern influences in all the pieces, but there’s also that mom in me that wants to throw on a pair of sweatpants but not want it to look frumpy!” Decker told Hollywood Life. Noting that fancy clothing labels aren’t always in everyone’s budget, she added:

“I want these things to be affordable and just because it’s a lower price point, doesn’t mean the quality’s not great. That was important to me to source the best quality but to find a good deal because not everyone can afford couture. I don’t even want to pay for that! I’m always shopping on a bargain because I grew up that way so I think about my customer.”

Kittenish is fresh from opening a new store in Scottsdale, AZ. Jessie largely gears her promos towards online sales, though.

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