Legend Of Zelda Fans Accuse Indie Game Of “Ripping-Off” Link’s Awakening

A new indie project called Mysplaced is being called out by Legend of Zelda fans on social media for supposedly copying Grezzo’s Switch release Link’s Awakening.

This “Metroidvania” was featured in IGN’s latest episode of Rogue Jam and was created by indie developer Soheyl Ghiami. As you can see in the video above, it arguably takes a lot more than just “inspiration” from the Zelda series.

In saying this, some individuals are also defending the game – noting how it’s an amazing effort for a team comprised of just two developers (under the name Clear Sky Games).

While it was one of the contenders in IGN’s latest contest, it didn’t end up winning – with the judges also raising concerns about the similarities to Link’s 2019 island adventure on Switch. The intended plan is to eventually release on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

If we hear any updates about this project, we’ll let you know.

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