PhoneArena Battery Test Results

We at PhoneArena take battery life testing seriously: we put all phones that we review through some rigorous testing.

This has allowed us to build a database of all the phones that we have tested in the last few years and on this page you will find all the results summarized in a table.

Here is our process: we make sure that all phones are tested without a SIM card and all conditions are equal as much as possible. One important step to ensuring that is that we set the brightness level of phones to a fixed level of 200 nits using specialized display color meter and professional software. This is a brightness level that ensures comfortable use indoors as the most common use case.

Our first test is the Web browsing battery test over Wi-Fi. It loads up the same set of webpages on all of the phones and then scrolls up and down to simulate real-world use. This is the lightest of our tests as it doesn’t put a big load on the processor.

Our second test is the YouTube video streaming battery test. We load up the same video playlist on all of the phones. This is a more intense test that uses more resources, and it provides a valuable and different perspective on battery life that those who watch a lot of video on their phone will appreciate.

Our third test is the 3D Gaming battery test. In this test we load up the same 3D game environment on all of the phones and ensure that all the phones run at the same graphics settings. While the other two tests stress the CPU of a phone, this one also puts a significant load on the GPU and it is particularly useful for gamers.

Our tests are cross-platform, meaning you can compare the results of an iOS device to an Android one. With this in mind, here are the scores for each brand: 

Apple iPhones

The new iPhone 13 series comes in four flavors and just as you would expect, the largest 13 Pro Max model has the highest battery life, but what you may not expect is just how much of an improvement it is compared to earlier iPhones. This one is a true 2-day champion, and with moderate use, it can even last three days off the charger which is an incredible feat in a modern phone. But you also have battery improvements in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13, and even the tiny iPhone 13 mini now gets considerable improvements to battery life. Compare the new iPhone 13 family versus older iPhone in the chart above.

Samsung Galaxy phones

The new Galaxy S22 series is out and we have already put them to the test. Keep in mind that the models that we tested use the Samsung Exynos processor.

Earlier, the Galaxy S21 trio of phones (we have also tested the Exynos models) performs well in our tests. The S21 Ultra has the highest battery life in the series thanks to not only the largest physical size but a more frugal display that can vary its refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz depending on the circumstances.

A pleasant surprise in the chart is the affordable Galaxy S20 FE which features a powerful processor and lasts a long time on all of our tests, a great value for the money.

Google Pixel phones

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro series are a brand new start for Google, as they combine multiple years of work on the first ever Google-made chip, the Google Tensor, as well as the first new sensor in Pixels in years, and finally, a very different and stylish design. Both phones also come with big batteries, and you can compare how they last again earlier Pixels in the chart above.

OnePlus & Oppo phones

We have most recently tested the OnePlus 10 Pro, the company’s 2022 flagship that comes with a bigger battery than ever, and scored above previous models.

Motorola phones

Motorola phones are known to offer excellent value for the money and some of them also feature incredible battery life.

Sony phones

Sony has focused its efforts on the Xperia line, where it brings camera innovation and tries to outdo market leaders Samsung and Apple.

Xiaomi phones

After Huawei was banned from using Android and Google Services, and then after LG exited the market in 2021, Xiaomi has emerged as the quickest growing company, even surpassing Apple as the second largest phone maker and aiming to sell more phones than Samsung in the future.

Asus phones

Asus has always tried making something different, something that stands out. Whether it is its Zenfone series or the gaming ROG phones, it definitely achieves that.

LG phones

LG has decided to quit the smartphone market in early 2021, so it is no longer making new phones.

Budget phones

Foldable phones

Foldable phones are trying to make a dent in the smartphone space, and we have benchmarked the most popular models. Note that we are running our benchmarks on the main screen only.

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