Pregnant Rihanna’s boyfriend decides to move out of house raided by police

In the relationship between Rihanna and Rocky, everything is far from being as smooth as Internet users would like. The pregnant singer now and then faces various speculations about her boyfriend. At first, the rapper was suspected of cheating on a celebrity, and later the police raided the musician with a search warrant, and later arrested him immediately after his return to the United States.

It is known that Rocky was detained due to the fact that he participated in the shooting in November 2021. According to media reports, one of the bullets with which the rapper’s weapon was loaded hit the victim’s left arm – he had to seek medical help. Interestingly, the police could not find the gun from which, according to them, the rapper fired.

In this regard, so far no prosecutor has filed charges against the pregnant Rihanna’s lover. And he himself was released on a fairly large bail in the amount of 550 thousand dollars. The police officers who searched his house noted that all the weapons they found were legal and registered.

In the meantime, Rocky himself, apparently tired of the constant searches in his house, decided to move out. This is reported by journalists with reference to street photographers who noticed a U-Haul truck near the musician’s mansion. Employees of the moving company helped Rocky load the boxes inside the car.

Sources said that although police were able to obtain footage of the alleged shooting, they were unable to locate the weapon under discussion during a attack on his Los Angeles home last month, which led to the discovery of several guns.


According to the website, police were able to determine on the spot that the guns in Mayer’s home were not the guns used in the shooting because the caliber of the guns did not match the shell case found at the scene.

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