Some users’ recent Apple Pay transactions aren’t showing up in Apple’s Wallet app

If you use Apple Pay to make payments, you probably know that every transaction is recorded and shown in the Wallet app so that it can be accessed at any given moment. There you can see information like the amount of your purchase and the location where you made the payment.

But now, it looks like a potential bug in Apple‘s Wallet app is preventing some users from seeing their latest card transactions. As 9to5Mac pointed out, a lot of Reddit users report that their payments from the last few days just don’t appear in the app. The balance shown in the application is correct, meaning that the money has been taken from the bank account, but the application just doesn’t indicate that a payment has been made.

There are assumptions that the bug in the Apple Wallet appeared with the latest iOS update — iOS 15.5 —, which became public on May 16th. That’s roughly the same time most users began noticing the problem with the Apple Wallet app. But there were some Redditors that said they were experiencing the issue before Apple’s latest iOS update, so this could mean that it might be a server-side error instead of a software bug.Apple hasn’t addressed the issue yet, but if you’re experiencing this problem and are concerned that your money may not have gone through, don’t be; everything should be alright with your purchase.Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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