TSR Investigates: Did Georgia Police Officers Racially Profile This HBCU Lacrosse Team?

TSR Investigates: Did Georgia Police Officers Racially Profile This HBCU Lacrosse Team?

Authorities pulled over a bus carrying Black lacrosse players to an away game for a traffic violation, but things quickly went left for the Delaware State team. The HBCU students said when Georgia officers realized they were Black, they violated them in ways they didn’t even imagine. TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter takes a closer look into this situation between Georgia state troopers since the lacrosse team who is now taking action.

It started when Georgia deputies turned the routine traffic stop into a full-out search involving canines and invasive luggage checks. One of the players even revealed that a trooper opened a gift given to her by her grandmother, a surprise she hadn’t even opened for herself yet. He was allegedly investigating the present for “drugs.”

Student-athlete Emily Campanelli was on the bus and agreed that something needs to change. She’s one of the only white women on the team.

This would never happen to me. If that bus was filled with girls that looked like
me, that would never happen. Like I’ve gotten pulled over before. And it’s Oh, hi, how are you, sweetie? Yeah, you’re good to go. You know what I mean? So you can see the distinction. Their badges need to be taken immediately. And there needs to be an investigation of the whole Police Department.

Delaware State University President Files Civil Suit

Delaware State University President Tony is now filing a Civil Rights complaint against the Liberty County Sheriff’s department over the tasteless incident. Roomies, what are your thoughts about it?

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