Will The Little Couple Ever Return?

We finally have an answer, reality television fans.

But you may not like what it is.

In a new interview with In Touch Weekly, Dr. Jen Arnold at last revealed whether or not The Little Couple will ever return with new episodes, considering the series has been on an extended hiatus since 2019.

“I’m guessing it’s probably not,” Arnold told In Touch about the show potentially making a comeback, adding:

“The network has sort of said that they’re good for now. Our contracts were up at the beginning of the pandemic, and we talked about going back and forth about starting again.”

The Little Couple chronicled the lives Jen, her husband Bill Klein, and their children, Will and Zoey, who resided in Florida but recently moved to Boston.

It ran for 10 years

Jen Arnold Pic

Jen went on to tell the aforementioned tabloid that she and Bill aren’t against the idea of bringing back the show.

“But I think for us in general, it’s always been, it depends at that moment,” she said. “In terms of making sure that it’s a good decision for the kids.”

A neonatologist, Jen emphasized that Will and Zoey “miss the crew,” as the kids even asked if the show’s production team “were coming with us” when the family relocated from Florida to Boston earlier this year.

How sweet, right?!?

little couple peeps

For her part, Arnold referred to everyone behind the scenes as members of her “family,” continuing as follows:

“We’re kind of chugging along, enjoying our work and, and I think we’re exploring other things.

“Like maybe there’s an opportunity to do other things in media that are different than The Little Couple.”

Arnold, meanwhile, underwent hip surgery in February. She touched on this subject with In Touch as well.

Jen Arnold Photo

“I wore my hips to the ground, and I actually had them originally replaced during residency. So, that was about 20 years ago now. And they only last so long,” she toldd the outlet.

“I got a good 20 years out of them. And I had my second one revised in 2017 or my first one re-revised in 2017 and the other one just this past February.”

How’s she feeling these days?

“I’m doing much better now. I’m still in outpatient physical therapy, but getting strength back. But I am now walking.”

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