Yung Miami Confirms Romantic Ties To Diddy While Telling Gina Huynh She “Ain’t Coming Off Him” In Heated Exchanges

Yung Miami Claims Diddy In Heated Exchanges With Gina Huynh 

Yung Miami was giving City Girls’ Take Yo Man energy in a series of heated exchanges on Tuesday! The artist went in on Gina Huynh, who has previously been linked to Diddy. On Sunday, Gina shared a photo of Mr. Love hosting the Billboard Music Awards with the words “baby daddy is hosting Billboards.” Then, on Tuesday she shared a photo of Diddy giving her a cheek kiss. Not long after, Yung Miami seemingly dropped a subtweet aimed at Gina–and then things got real messy!

“Somebody please give this b*tch some attention,” Yung Miami first tweeted. Then, she shared a video of Whitney Houston saying, “you better chill, you better lay low.”

Yung Miami And Diddy Romantically Linked Since 2021

Folks online have speculated a romantic link between Diddy and Miami since early 2021. In June, she posted a photo hand-in-hand with Diddy and both rocking formal wear with the caption,” it’s a while lot of money in this mf!”

In August, she posted a video sitting on Diddy’s lap while sipping on some liquor. But, it was deleted soon after posting. Later in September, Yung Miami’s name was trending after paparazzi photos showed Joie Chavis and Diddy lip-locking in Italy!

Yung Miami Denies Dating Diddy After Song About Putting “It In [His] Face” 

But, the dating rumors between the City Girl and Mr. Love persisted when she dropped her solo song Rap Freaks, where she showed love to hot entertainment industry names in a tone similar to Nicki Minaj’s Barbie Dreams.

Miami rapped, “took a jet to a private island on a date with Diddy, I like Bad Boys no h*e sh*t, Diddy let me put it in yo face like them roaches and out your rich a*s to sleep, buenas noches.”

Still, she twice denied dating Diddy after her playful tune dropped. First, she told Billboard shortly after the release that the lyrics were “just wordplay.”

“That’s my friend. I know Diddy, he’s really cool. He’s a really nice man. That’s my friend, I know him,” Yung Miami said.

By December 2021, Miami again denied dating Diddy with a straightforward “no” during an interview on Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI radio.

Then, at the top of 2022, the artist posted a photo clinking glasses with Diddy in celebration of the new year.

But their most recent tie happened the same day Gina posted about her baby daddy’s hosting skills. Diddy and Yung Miami were videoed living it up in the club, with Miami wiggling and jumping her peach, as Diddy admired from steps away.

Gina Claps Back At Yung Miami & Denies Seeking Attention

On Tuesday, Gina wasted no time catching Yung Miami’s apparent Twitter shade. She fired back with some words of her own via Instagram Story.

“If anybody is seeking attention…B*TCH IT’S YOU,” Gina wrote. In a separate post she added, “suck my d*ck idgaf.”

By this point, it seems both ladies kept their eyes on each other’s socials because the subliminal, yet similarly-worded responses were coming HAWT!

Yung Miami responded, “Attention? B*tch I am the attention, let’s be clear!” She added, “Notice me please a*s b***h go sit down! WE SEE YOU RELAX IT’S ok! You been (AROUND) just (AROUND) for years! You been waiting on this moment if he can’t make you famous b*tch I ain’t!”

Yung Miami Tells Gina She Won’t Be Letting Diddy Go

In one tweet, Miami seemingly aimed at Gina’s finances.

“Ian arguing with no b***h that got cheap a*s lint ball carpet in they house f*****g on a billionaire! You a freaky a*s b***h,” Yung Miami wrote.

Still, the rapper’s strong words about Gina’s alleged place in Diddy’s love life and coins didn’t stop the model from clapping back.

“Why you so press mama? I thought you was a City Girl,” Gina wrote with a kissy face emoticon.

Chile, Yung Miami came back and showed the card Gina attempted to pull in front of her 84,000 plus followers.

“I am and that’s why I f*ck with yo n***a & ain’t coming off him idc how many pics you post,” Miami tweeted in response.

Gina followed up with a short clip of her song Shake My A*s and a follow-up explanation post of her Vietnamese and Black heritage after she’s heard using the n-word in the snippet.

“I just been making them mad by minding my business and getting a bag. Imagine I gave some attention to one of they n*ggas, these h**s would be sad,” Gina rapped.

After The Shade Room reposted the apparent diss clip, Yung Miami jumped in the comments saying “I want my 20%.” On Twitter, she wrote, “get that head, bread & leave.”

Things seemed to die down between the women after Gina’s music teaser and Miami’s City Girl tweets. Meanwhile, Diddy kept his thoughts on the heated exchanges off of the internet. No word on whether private talks were had between the members of the love triangle!

Stay tuned, chile!

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