Bonkers Party Game ‘Super UFO Fighter’ Touches Down On Switch In July

Super UFO Fighter, a game that kind of, sort of looks like Part Time UFO, is landing on Switch on July 14th, courtesy of publisher Phoenixx and developer VV_LABO. The game is a party action title that supports two player local and online multiplayer, with cross-play support added in for players on Switch and Steam.

Here’s some info from the press release:

Compete in an intergalactic 1v1 showdown, where flying saucer pilots contend for the Galactic Shwoop Master Title. Smash open capsules to find items that can raise the enemy’s goal or lower your own. Grab the Target item and fling it into the opponent’s goal using the Shwoop Beam to score, or use the UFO’s smash attack to keep the enemy from scoring. Master each UFO’s unique beam and attack to become the undisputed champion of the universe.

Battle in six colorful arenas, including Bubbletopia Palace and Corner Caboodle, each with different layouts and stage-specific elements, making every match a one-of-a-kind challenge. Mix things up in the Super Ball mode, where each competitor tries to get the explosive ball to the other side of the screen before the timer runs out, and the unfortunate UFO gets blown up!

Compete in any game mode in either local or online multiplayer, with cross-platform support between Steam and Nintendo Switch. Learn the ropes in the single-player story mode, where Earth’s own Lulu finds herself exploring the galaxy, learning the ways of the Shwoop Beam, and battling against nefarious would-be challengers.

Looks like it could be a fun one! We’re certainly rather taken with the bold colours and cartoonish aesthetic – perhaps not so much with the rather jarring trailer music.

Let us know in the comments if this one is up your street or not, and whether you’ll be picking it up on July 14th!

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