Brainy Box-Burning Puzzler ‘Bonfire Peaks’ To Get Three New Chapters Of DLC

Bonfire Peaks is a game about setting your belongings on fire. On purpose. In order to progress through its increasingly difficult puzzle levels, you’ll have to stack, balance, and eventually burn crates, which sounds much easier than it actually is.

You may not have heard of Bonfire Peaks, but if you’re a puzzle fan, you might want to check it out — it even made EDGE Magazine’s end-of-year top ten games for 2021, which is quite the honour. Also, it’s getting DLC, which will add a trilogy of new content, released in chapters, as announced on today’s Draknek Direct, a puzzle-focused Nintendo Direct-style livestream. Chapter One will be arriving in Q3 2022, which is around Autumn-ish.

As a nice free bonus, Bonfire Peaks is also getting a Photo Mode on all consoles, Switch included… Which is out right now! Go and take photos of your pyromaniacal tendencies so that the police may use it as evidence!

Did you pick up Bonfire Peaks last year? How do you feel about voxels? Tell us your musings in the comments below.

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