D&D Beyond is giving away the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign book for free

Hasbro, the parent company of Dungeons & Dragons developer Wizards of the Coast, acquired the popular digital toolset and online storefront D&D Beyond. The deal was announced back in April, but to celebrate the acquisition, D&D Beyond announced that it would be giving away the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign book for free.

If you didn’t realize it right away from the title, the freebie is a pun. With the Acquisitions Incorporated for Dungeons & Dragons book, you’ll get the materials you need to run a fantasy business of your own while taking on a D&D campaign. The special campaign book was created in partnership with Penny Arcade and inspired by the podcast and web series with the same title. Usually the hardcover version of the book costs $49.95, but you can get it on the digital storefront for free. The deal will run until May 25.

The 224-page book will allow you to start up your own Acquisitions Incorporated franchise in the Forgotten Realms or another location in the multiverse. It allows you to roleplay through a scenario where you work your way up corporate ladder of a retrieval agency. If the magical corporate grind doesn’t sound like a good time, well you could always take a crack at forming a union in the magical realm. Whether or not those magical bosses are union friendly, might be up to your Dungeon Master.

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