Destiny 2’s Solstice Summer Event Getting Seals, Title, And New Rewards

Bungie is changing how its special seasonal events are presented and how rewards are given out with a new “Event Card” tracking system starting next season.. It’ll all start with a reworked Solstice event in the summer, which has been shortened from Solstice of Heroes, and similar changes should be rolling out to the rest of Destiny 2‘s seasonal events.

Bungie laid out the new details in its recent This Week at Bungie blog post. Beginning with the Solstice, Bungie will give Destiny 2 players a free Event Card that will allow them to track challenges. By completing these challenges, players will be able to earn rewards, namely the glowing armor that Guardians typically work towards during the Solstice event. However, this year everyone will only have to upgrade one set of armor, which means that the experience has been significantly streamlined since the last time the Solstice took place. While everyone can still get multiple copies of an armor piece, upgrading the new Solstice armor will will allow players to reroll its stats to get exactly what they need, rather than having to grind for the right drop.

Additionally, the Solstice will be getting a new activity called Bonfire Bash,where teams will defend “paracausal bonfires” from incoming waves of foes from across the galaxy trying to “crash the party” and put out their fires. Changes are also being made to the European Aerial Zone (where Solstice activities take place) to make traversal easier, like adding more floating islands.

Throughout the Solstice, players will be knocking out event challenges on their new Event Cards, which will function and look very similar to how seasonal challenges already do in Destiny 2. You’ll receive your card from Eva Levante and can be seen in the Quest tab right next to seasonal challenges, and players will be able to progress through the listed challenges up until the event is over, at which point the card will disappear. All challenges for the event will be available to complete from the moment the event begins, so there’s no need to wait around for weekly challenges to unlock.

To incentivize folks to complete the challenges, expect to earn rewards like event shaders and emblems, as well as tickets that that will be redeemable for more cosmetics.

Bungie is also bringing seals and titles to events beginning with Solstice, as well as the beginning of a multi-event seal that will only be completed by the time the Guardian Games start again next spring. To finish an event seal, players will simply need to complete every challenge on the Event Card. They will also be able to gild event titles by completing a set of challenges that will appear after they’ve finished a seal, with the gilding expiring once the event begins again a year later.

Finally, while the Event Card is free for everyone, there will be a premium version that will cost players 1000 Silver, Destiny 2’s premium currency you can purchase with real money. Typically , 1000 Silver costs $10 USD. Unlocking this version will immediately reward a cosmetic bundle, with further cosmetics, like a skateboarding emote and an exotic ship, that will cost event tickets to unlock. Bungie is valuing the rewards of the premium Event Card at about 3000 Silver. While these rewards would usually be available on the premium Eververse Store, Bungie opted to move them to the Event Card to be more directly in line with the event. The blog post stated that that there’s still a chance of those rewards showing up on the store for direct purchase at a later date.

Players will be able to get to their hands on the Event Cards when the new Solstice event starts on July 19. Bungie also announced a new Dungeon coming next season and the addition of more vault space.

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